PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #74 – 19th March 2014

March 19, 2014

Issue #74 – 19th March 2014


Oracle Open World call for Papers 
The Call for Proposals for Oracle OpenWorld 2014 is now open. Oracle OpenWorld 2014 is to be held from 28th September to 2nd October in San Francisco, California.


A Handy Interface Questionnaire
Are you responsible for specifying interfaces as part of your implementation? If so, Animato’s Questionnaire could be useful. It contains many of the questions that should be asked when gathering requirements (although it doesn’t go into specifics about the data itself).


Syncing Password History between Environments
Jeromy McMahon has posted a quick how-to for syncing Password History between environments, but the same theory could be applied to many similar requirements.
Dates in PeopleSoft BI Publisher Reports 
XML publisher uses the coordinated universal time (UTC) to display dates and times in report output. Depending on where you are in the world, this can throw out dates and times in your report. The Citagus blog shows how you can quickly convert dates/times to the correct local time.


Big Consulting versus PeopleSoft Experts
Jeff Goddard from BTR Group discusses the differences between the type of consulting offered by the large consulting firms versus smaller ‘expert’ consultancies. His point is that “Big consulting relies on executive relationships as a substitute for content expertise” and that the days of relying on not getting fired by buying from the big firms are fading.
My Answer to the “Work-Life Balance” Question
Tech Entrepreneur/Speaker/Coach Lauren Bacon tackles the topic that most of us wrestle at some point or other – that of work-life balance. Her theory is that it isn’t just a linear scale, but there are two important axis to consider, forming a ‘balance matrix’.
Google Announces Android Wear, Its Plan for the Smartwatch 
Google is taking a serious look at the smart-watch market with the announcement of its Android Wear platform. Early prototypes look visually impressive, if a little chunky. This isn’t just an alpha build though, as lots of partners have signed up to produce the watches. The first is expected to be from LG in Q2 this year.


Follow 1000 years of European borders change
An engrossing 3 minute video clearly showing the ebb and flow of European power over the centuries. It’s really interesting to see how old some nations are, and how recently others have sprung up.


Marc Weintraub continues his series of interviewing high profile people within Oracle. This time he talks to Mark Armstrong (VP, Oracle Higher Education Development) about the recent announcements – PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.2 and Oracle Student Cloud.

and Finally…

With all the recent excitement about The Lego Movie, we read this article with interest. Being a Lego Master Builder is actually a genuine career option for those with a passion for everyone’s favourite building blocks. Even if you don’t reach these heady heights (there are only 40 in the world) you can still become a Lego Certified Professional (of which there are 12 worldwide) or a freelance Lego ambassador.
Last week we featured the engrossing Mini Metro game and promised a mention to the person with the highest score. The best we’ve heard of so far is Succeed’s own Dave Wiggins with 714. Can it be beaten?

PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #73 – 12th March 2014

March 12, 2014

Issue #73 – 12th March 2014


Oracle Aims Two Shots at the University Market

This week Oracle has announced two new products for the Higher Education Market. The first – Oracle Student Cloud – is an offering based on Fusion Applications and probably won’t surprise many as it’s a natural complement to the other Fusion pillars. More surprising/exciting is the announcement of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions v9.2 (especially as there was no v9.1). Both are due in 2015. Floyd Teter snapped a photo, is this the Tools 8.54 UI?

New Releases

Oracle have released a PeopleSoft 8.53/9.2 ‘prototyping toolkit’. It provides user interface components in PowerPoint format that designers can use in their slides/mockups to create user interface designs for customisations to your applications.


Cardinal Point summarise the wins from their implementation of Workcenters at a fictional client. There are a number of positives to take from this, including that PeopleTools 8.54’s New UI will make even more use of them!.


Stephen ‘Digital Eagle’ Phillips has managed to get PeopleTools running on Linux. This is something that a few people have been requesting for a while so it’s great that it is possible – even if it’s using Wine rather than native.


The Infinite Lives of BitTorrent
Bram Cohen is the inventor behind the BitTorrent protocol – the method of quickly transferring large files over the internet. As popular as it has become, he’s also made a lot of powerful enemies (the music and movie industries, particularly). How many times can a company reinvent itself?
An amusingly titled article by Angus Kidman on LifeHacker discusses Oracle’s acquisitive nature (although it’s far from alone in this respect) and what it means for customers of software that is purchased by Oracle – particularly relevant for PeopleSoft clients.
Why Keep ‘Black Box’ Data Trapped on Planes?
In the aftermath of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight, people have wondered why the data which contains the best clues to what could have caused the incident is held in a ‘black box’ which always ends up inside the wreckage. Why not transmit it real-time to somewhere safer?


There’s a new series of interviews with high profile PeopleSoft figures with Marc Weintraub as the interviewer. The first one features Jeff Robbins who talks about usability in PeopleTools 8.54, PeopleSoft in the Cloud and why the ability to customise with PeopleSoft gives it a big advantage over its competitors.

and One More Thing…

Pretty much everyone who rides the underground trains in cities around the world will have thought “I could do better” at some point or other … here’s your chance! A superbly simple and incredibly addictive online game where you create your own tiny Tube system has been unleashed. We think anything over 300 is good, and anything over 600 superb. Let me know your scores and we’ll mention you next week!

PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #72 – 5th March 2014

March 5, 2014

Issue #72 – 5th March 2014


UKOUG PeopleSoft Roadshow 

The UKOUG are holding their annual EMEA PeopleSoftRoadshow on March 26th at Oracle’s City Office in London. This is the must-see event in the PeopleSoft calendar and has great content from Marc Weintraub, Jeff Robbins and an HCM v9.2 customer success story from Succeed!

Collaborate ’14

Quickly following the UKOUG roadshow is the Collaborate conference, held in Las Vegas on 7th-11th April. There’s always a lot of top content here and a strong showing from the user groups involved and Oracle themselves.

New Releases

New CRM PeopleSoft Image Released

Oracle have released CRM 9.2.002, the latest PeopleSoft Update Manager image forPeopleSoft CRM v9.2 (Support login required).


I’m Anton de Weger and this is how I work

We’re thrilled that Anton de Weger – a legend in both the UK and Australian PeopleSoftmarkets – has allowed himself to be profiled for the ‘how I work’ series.


The Cardinal Point Solutions team have continued their blog series giving us an insight into an implementation of WorkCenters for a fictional client. They have already published episode 5 which is available here.


PeopleSoft Menu Nesting Issues with Google Chrome

Shelby Melban details a bug that you may encounter when using Chrome to viewPeopleSoft pages running on PeopleTools 8.4x (and an increasing number are using Chrome as browser of choice more recently). Shelby’s PSChrome browser extension protects against this bug.


RoboCop is coming

A group of students from Florida International University have created a prototype robot that they hope can get disabled members of the police-force back into action. As an added point of interest, it’s using the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset.

Can Apple redefine the Car Dashboard 

Whilst everyone is waiting for the iWatch, could Apple’s next disruptive innovation be in a different market altogether? Can they do for the car dashboard what they’ve done with other devices?


Many people read the XKCD web-comic, however this slight departure is one of the most intelligent and useful informational graphics we’ve ever seen


Oracle University have released updated versions of their PeopleSoft training courses, many now providing content for the v9.2 applications. Each course is available either in classroom format or via web-based delivery.

and One More Thing …

Ultra Reality: What would you do in this situation? 

There’s a fair chance that you’ve seen this already as it’s had 15m views, but it’s a particularly amusing/cruel prank where a window is replaced with a TV screen, and some unsuspecting job interviewees try to maintain professionalism while the TV shows realistic looking impending armageddon.

PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #71 – 26th February 2014

February 26, 2014

Issue #71 – 26th February 2014

New Releases

First Certifications of Office 2013 Now Complete 

Oracle have announced the first certifications of Microsoft Office 2013 with PeopleSoft. Initially it’s limited to Excel 2013, running on Windows 7, and only for Tools 8.53.11 and above. Word 2013 certification, plus certification for Excel 2013 on Windows 8 is planned for a future release (Support login required).


I’m Simon Wilson and this is how I work

One of Succeed’s strongest Techs, and our Tech Practice Lead – Simon Wilson answers the ‘how i work’ questions.


Implementing Manager Self Service

Brad Worley on the Animato blog has posted an entry on the steps that you should take to get Manager Self Service implemented successfully. We were pleased to see that there is a section for ‘continuous service improvement’, so it’s not just a 1 hit ‘install it and leave it’ solution, but something that can improve and grow with the business.

A Day in the Life – Episode 3

The Cardinal Point Solutions team have continued their blog series giving us an insight into an implementation of WorkCenters for a fictional client. This week they cover the thought behind which queries to use, and where they are to be placed in the workcenter.


Jim Marion’s Alliance 2014 Schedule 

Jim Marion is presenting a couple of sessions at the upcoming Alliance conference. If you’re lucky enough to be able to go, make sure that you add his sessions into your agenda planner.

Oracle SES Installation & Configuration

Vijay on the Citagus Blog has a walkthrough for installing Oracle Secure Enterprise Search – which you’ll need for the new v9.2 applications.

SMTP Authentication

Wade ‘Smart Panda’ Coombs has a short entry on SMTP authentication in the App and Batch servers, and which versions of Tools the passwords need encrypting in.


Can you Log on to your system using Sound?

Google has bought SlickLogin, a sound-based password security startup. They have the smart idea of getting your computer to play a unique but virtually inaudible sound which is picked up by your mobile phone, which then contacts SlickLogin’s servers and confirms your identity.

Which Mobile Carrier is best for you? 

There’s a clever new mobile app called ‘Glove’ that will tell you – based on the locations that you use – which mobile network is best for you. The makers claim that 75% of us could be using a better carrier. It’s only available in 2 locations at launch, and is Android only initially, but will grow capability over time.

Google’s Robot Army is Growing

Google has acquired quite a few robotics companies over the last few months. This article gives a rundown of what areas each of the acquisitions specialises in.


Westfield – the global owner/operator of Shopping Centres – usePeopleSoft, and are currently upgrading to PeopleSoft v9.2. In this 2 minute video Peter Bourke (Westfield’s IT Director) discusses the benefits that it brings.

This 7 minute video talks us through what we’ll need to use the new PeopleSoft In Memory Labor Rules and Monitoring functionality, and the benefits that we’ll realise if we do. The narrator talks really fast, but there is a lot of info in this video.

and One More Thing …

A Formula 1 lap in 360-Degree Interactive Video

An interactive video, in which you can watch as F1 ace Nico Rosberg takes the 2014 McLaren Mercedes on a lap around the historic Silverstone course, but the best thing is that you can use your mouse to pan around as he drives.

PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #70 – 19th February 2014

February 19, 2014

Issue #70 – 19th February 2014

News and Latest Developments

Larry: Managing Your Most Precious Assets 

The speech that Larry Ellison gave at Oracle Cloud World stressed that the two most important systems in your company are the ones that help you look after talent (HCM) and the ones that help you serve customers (CRM). “Attracting the very best people in your line of business … is the difference between winning and losing.”

New Releases

Financials PUM 5 is Released

Oracle have released the 5th PUM Image for PeopleSoft Financials v9.2. Those among you implementing Financials 9.2 will need this to get the latest patches to apply (Support Login required).

New Financials v9.1 Patches

Oracle have released some new patches for PeopleSoft Financials. These are Financials v9.1 Bundle #29, ESA Bundle #29 and Global Components #18 (Support Login required).


Accommodating Health Care Reform in PeopleSoft 

Eric Palmer on the Animato blog has an entry on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the requirements that it places on companies.

What’s New in PeopleSoft 9.2 Inventory

Jim Scagnelli on the BTRG blog details some of the improvements in the Inventory module within PeopleSoft 9.2.

A Day in the Life – Episode 1

The Cardinal Point Solutions team have started a blog series giving us an insight into an implementation of WorkCenters for one of their clients. It’s a fictional client, but we’re sure a lot of the advice will be borne out of experience.


Compiling PeopleCode

Chris Heller on the GreyHeller blog has written an entry on the ‘Compile PeopleCode’ functionality within App Designer. It’s not something we’ve used much before, so it was really useful to hear that it’s part of the workflow of someone as revered as Chris.


Google Glass worn by staff at London Heathrow airport 

We’re not sure whether this is a PR stunt by Virgin Atlantic or a genuine field trial, but it’s an interesting concept nonetheless. Can wearable tech like Google Glass assist in providing a better class of service to the customer?

Video Feature Overview Homepage Updated

Oracle have redesigned the homepage for the Video Feature Overview page. It’s a central page containing the most recent Oracle-produced PeopleSoft videos, and it now has a much more modern appearance.


A nice visualisation of the busyness of the tube stations on the London Underground. You can choose which years to compare against, and the time/type of entry or exit to compare with.


Stereograms – made popular in recent years by the ‘Magic Eye’ series – seem to delight and frustrate people in equal measure. Normally they’re static images, however Canadian Indie-rock band Young Rival have made a music video out of them.

and One More Thing …

Your Strategy Guide to Life 

A very clever article which describes each stage of life as sections of a video game. It sounds geeky, but it’s really well written and some of the parallels are very clever. “The first 15 years or so of life are just tutorial missions, which suck. There’s no way to skip these.”

PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #69 – 5th February 2014

February 5, 2014

Issue #69 – 5th February 2014

News and Latest Developments

The 20 Coolest Cloud Software Vendors Of 2014

Oracle has made the list of the top 20 ‘coolest cloud companies’. They’re above Salesforce, SAP and Workday in the list, but it is in alphabetical order …

2013’s Most Vulnerable Systems & Software

What were the most vulnerable operating systems, apps and software last year? Oracle came 3rd in the list of ‘high priority vulnerabilities’, however most of these are in Java (second only to Internet Explorer in the list of vulnerable applications). It’s interesting that Red Hat Linux had more vulnerabilities reported than Windows 2012, and Ubuntu had more than Windows 8.

New Releases

Announcing PeopleSoft In-Memory Labor Rules and Monitoring 

Oracle’s John Webb has announced the General Availability of PeopleSoftIn-Memory Labor Rules and Monitoring – useful for those that have Time & Labor and the Oracle Exa-stack. It’s the first In-memory release for the HCM suite.


Optional Prompting in PS Query

Raja Palaniappan has a post on the PSoft Search blog explaining how to have a prompt in your Query that either lets you filter data (if you add a value) or returns all data (if you leave the prompt blank).


Trouble importing HCM v9.2 ERDs

Succeed’s Duncan has managed to import the Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) into HCM v9.2 and reports that there’s a small undocumented tweak that you have to make before the documents are available.

One PC – Five Virtual Machines 

Oxfam’s Graham Smith has been working with the new PUM images, and has managed to get 3xPUM instances, plus a Change Assistant VM and a Cobol VM to run on a single decent spec desktop PC.

The new colour of spreadsheet reporting with PeopleSoft

Chanchal Agrawal on the Hexaware blog tackles the issue of Excel reporting where the output is required to be heavily formatted. There are a number of ways of doing this, and Chanchal discusses deconstructing the Excel XML format to create the desired report formatting.


UK government plans switch from MS Office

UK Ministers are looking at saving tens of millions of pounds a year by abandoning expensive Office Suite software and will instead standardise on free or open source suites such as Open Office and Google Docs. It’s a brave plan as the training bill will be massive, however the licence savings would be similarly huge if they can make it work.

Chromebook sales outperform MacBooks and iPad

An interesting one this as it’s from the Apple Insider blog, which reports that the Google Chromebook is doing surprisingly well. These figures are from the commercial sector, so exclude home purchases (where the iPad would be stronger) but we were intrigued that the Chromebook seems to be doing so well in business as we’ve seen virtually no penetration in our clients.

Coca-Cola Suffers Data Breach After Employee ‘Borrows’ 55 Laptops 

Coca-Cola has admitted falling prey to a bizarre data breach in which an employee apparently stole dozens of laptops over several years containing the sensitive data of 74,000 people without anyone noticing. We particularly like the categorisation of it as a ‘slow motion data breach’.


A nicely put together website where you can scroll through the different web design ideals. Who will win? Flat or Realism? You decide …


Oracle University have updated their course catalogue with a number of new courses for PeopleTools 8.53. Some might raise an eyebrow that it’s taken this long (Tools 8.53 has been out for a year now), but it is good that the training has had a refresh.

and One More Thing …

McDonalds Chicken McNuggets and the ‘Pink Goop’ Picture 

There’s a picture that’s been circulating the internet for years that claims to show a part of the McDonalds process for creating Chicken McNuggets and a container of ‘pink goop’. This video shows the process from an actual McDonalds manufacturing plant and it’s a lot different than you might expect.

PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #68 – 29th January 2014

January 29, 2014

Issue #68 – 29th January 2014

News and Latest Developments

PeopleSoft In-Memory Real-Time Bottom Line 

Marc Weintraub has announced the release of some solutions forPeopleSoft Financials that make use of the Oracle Engineered System (which we assume is the Exa-suite).

New Releases

PeopleSoft Maintenance Schedules for 2014

My Oracle Support has been updated with the Maintenance Schedules for 2014. The above link is for PeopleTools, but the Schedules for the Applications are available too –HCMCRMFinancials and Campus Solutions. There doesn’t seem to be one for the Interaction Hub yet. (Support Login required).

PeopleSoft Update Manager – HCM image 5 released

The fifth HCM image has been released to enable clients on v9.2 to use the newPeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) functionality to apply patches. (Support Login required).


PeopleSoft Troubleshooting Assistants

This week we noticed a section of the Oracle Support website that we’d not encountered before – PeopleSoft Troubleshooting Assistants. These purportedly help you diagnose issues by guiding you through the troubleshooting process. The available sections are just for Financials for the time being, but anything that reduces the effort required to locate and fix issues will be warmly welcomed. (Support Login required).

Working with PeopleSoft and Internet Explorer 

Mustapha Atar on the Animato blog lists some of the solutions and workarounds that make your life easier if you work with PeopleSoft and are restricted to using Internet Explorer.


You Don’t Have to Write PeopleCode to Create a BI Publisher Report

Rakesh Subhagan has written the second post in his series on BI Publisher. This entry – and it’s a very thorough 4 page posting – walks through the process of creating a Query and then building a BIP report from the Query Output.

Date to Timestamp Conversion during PeopleTools Upgrade 

The UK’s David Kurtz is working on an upgrade where the PeopleTools version is moving from 8.49 to 8.53.  One of the things that he’s encountered is that some date columns in the Oracle database become timestamps. Rather than drop and recreate every index in the system David shows how he just recreates those indexes which reference these columns, thus producing a significant saving of time during the upgrade.

Deleting Service Operation Log Tables During Development

Chris Malek from the Cedar Hills Group has an entry on the best way to prune the Integration Broker tables while developing, without losing crucial data.


What are you all looking for? 

An article from Succeed’s Duncan which analyses the hits and clicks various social media entities received in 2013. Which was the most clicked onPeopleSoft Weekly article? How about the Fusion Weekly? and Duncan’s blog, the App Store and his Twitter feed?

Quest Q&A Magazine – PeopleSoft Edition

The first PeopleSoft-only edition of the magazine, containing articles on Maximising your Upgrade, a Q&A with Marc Weintraub on PUM, PeopleSoft at OOW and a piece on whyPeopleSoft is defying the doom-mongers.

The Private Cloud is giving way to the Public Cloud

An article by David Linthicum on why the initial, tentative ‘private cloud’ moves that some clients were making are now being replaced by large steps into the Hybrid or Public Cloud by an increasing number of enterprises. “The truth is the Public cloud is more ready for prime time than most private clouds. In addition, they’re more cost-effective and do a much better job of providing time-to-market advantages, business agility, and scalability.”


At Succeed, we love people who think about design a little bit differently and this really caught our eye. The appropriately-named Peter Smart deconstructs the boarding pass, and then pieces it back together in a much more intelligent and thoughtful way.


The University of Central Florida has produced a video – with Oracle – showcasing some of their PeopleSoft systems, and it looks like the effort that they’ve put into the user experience is well worth it. They have some very attractive and modern looking pages.

and One More Thing …

Table Tennis Match Gets Progressively More Entertaining And Absurd

From NextDraft. It’s always amusing to see professionals goofing around and making difficult shots look easy. The fooling around starts at around the 4 minute mark, but the showboating properly begins at 5 mins, including playing over the head of the scorekeeper, playing with two balls and head ping-pong.

PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #67 – 15th January 2014

January 15, 2014

Issue #67 – 15th January 2014

Thanks to Rux from Ubisoft for being the 600th subscriber!

News and Latest Developments

Browser Plans for PeopleTools 8.54 

Oracle have decided to adopt an aggressive approach with the next version of PeopleTools and browser support. Instead of supporting selected older versions, the minimum supported browser versions will be those at the time of general release, so Internet Explorer 11 will be the minimum! Older versions will be supported (back to IE 9) however only with the ‘classic UI’. Companies wishing to make use of the exciting changes coming in the 8.54 UI need to be on the latest releases. It’s an interesting change of approach, and one that will enable them to take advantage of new browser capabilities much sooner (Support Login required).

New Releases

PeopleTools 8.53.10 Product Patch

Oracle have released the most recent patch for PeopleTools 8.53. Also released is patch .21 for PeopleTools 8.52 (Support Login required).


What is your goal for Manager Self Service in 2014?

Brad Worley on the Animato blog lists the many reasons why empowering your users with Self Service systems is a key step to HR being able to conserve time for high-value strategic activities.


Getting Ready to Generate BI Publisher Reports

Rakesh Subhagan has written the first post in what he promises will be a series on BI Publisher within PeopleSoft. This post details the setup tasks and skills you need before you start your first report.

Implementing High Availability for Oracle SES

Oracle’s Matthew Haavisto has highlighted a useful new document on Oracle support that describes steps to implement High Availability for Oracle SES  This approach uses a 4-node WebLogic Server cluster and 3-node Oracle RAC Database so it’s clearly only for the largest implementations.


Top 8 ERP Trends for 2014

The Enterprise Apps Today has predicted the top 8 trends that’ll impact the ERP market in 2014. There are some obvious entries in here (Mobile, Social, Cloud), but also some less obvious items – like Two Tier ERP – something that we’ve been discussing a lot at Succeed recently.

Chromebooks (Google’s low cost netbooks) came from nowhere to take 10% of the US business computer market in 2013. That’s an incredible leap when you consider that iPads only have 15% of the market. The biggest loser was Windows Notebooks, the only bright spot for Microsoft being Windows tablets taking 2% of the market.


Slideshare have shared their most viewed items of the last year, and this infographic caught our eye. It has some genuinely interesting stats about the differences between Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y people and their habits.


This advisor webcast on Pivot Grids in PeopleSoft runs for just over an hour and gives a thorough demonstration of all you’ll need to know to get started with this graphical dashboard/reporting tool. (Support Login required).
A 6 minute walkthrough of the HR Helpdesk functionality in PeopleSoft CRM v9.2. It shows the Service Center, the HR Agent Dashboard and the Manager Dashboard.
This isn’t PeopleSoft related, but it does feature Larry’s yacht (briefly). Google’s Zeitgeist summaries of the year are always worth a watch. Some happy memories, some poignant ones, and it ends on a great note with the Batman kid.

And Finally…

The latest Aussie advance – Tweeting Sharks 

Sharks that swim close to any popular beaches on the south west coast of Australia will tweet their location, warning beachgoers of their presence. We predict an increase in demand for waterproof phone cases. Via JP Rangaswami.

PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #66 – 8th January 2014

January 8, 2014

Issue #66 – 8th January 2014

Succeed would like to wish you all a Happy and Healthy 2014!

News and Latest Developments

California sues SAP over failed Payroll Project 

SAP has been slapped with a lawsuit by California’s state controller over a payroll software implementation the office says cost $250m, but has never calculated even one employee’s pay correctly.

Panorama Consulting 2013 ERP Report

Each year Panorama Consulting conduct a survey on the state of the ERP implementations in the last 12 months. It’s always an interesting read as it compares the mega-vendors and their proportion of bid wins, the amount of projects that overspend or overrun and the slightly more subjective ‘customer satisfaction’. It’s unfortunate thatPeopleSoft projects are lumped in with EBS etc into a single Oracle bucket rather than broken out, but it’s useful nonetheless. Interesting stats include the platform that the new systems are implemented on (On Premise – 61%, SaaS – 14%, Cloud – 12%).

New Releases

Legislative Update for Global Payroll United Kingdom, Mexico and Australia

Oracle have released updates to GP UK for the changes announced by the Chancellor in his Autumn statement (which become effective on 6th April). There have also been updates for GP Mexico and GP Australia.


How to Effectively Write PeopleSoft Queries

Brooke Lindsey has written a post on the Animato blog with a quick introduction on how to effectively write PeopleSoft Queries.

Creating a Launch Pad Experience within PeopleSoft

This is a post by Bharathi Mani on the PeopleTools blog, but it’s not a particularly technical post. Instead it’s a great showcase – with lots of screenshots – showing different ways that you could display your landing and transactional pages.


The Minimum Number of Recycling Server Processes 

The UK’s David Kurtz has an infrastructure related post on the minimum number of certain processes within the PeopleSoft App Server, and how it has changed in recent Tools versions.


10 bizarre objects found in Cool offices

The BBC website has a run-through of 10 quirkily designed offices and their unusual features. Some seem to be as a result of careful research, whereas others just sound cool.

Into the Bitcoin Mines 

Some people are making a lot of money from harvesting Bitcoins. How does it work, how much can one make and why are they mining in Iceland?

Why Wearable Tech Will Be as Big as the Smartphone

A long, but interesting look into the future of wearable devices. It’s not all about smart-watches, but NFC rings, ski goggles, bracelets and brooches too. Why do some succeed, but others fall by the wayside?


The Gizmodo blog rounds up the best Data Visualisations of 2013. It’s quite US-centric, but some are really quite interesting (for example, the states from which the most ‘hateful’ tweets originate) while others are more flippant (the states which use “you guys” vs those that use “‘y’all”, or the popularity of various pizza chains).


A short video with customers running PeopleSoft on the Exa* systems discuss the improvements in performance that they’ve been able to achieve.

And Finally…

Mister Happy Man 

This is a great feel-good story to start the year. Johnny Barnes is a 90-year-old former electrician and bus driver who lives in Bermuda, and he’s become so well known locally for being happy and welcoming to residents and tourists alike that he’s had a statue erected in his honour!

While most of North America tweets pictures of frozen streets and lakes, we like this video (spotted by NextDraft). What happens when you jump on a frozen trampoline?

PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #65 – 18th December 2013

December 18, 2013

Issue #65 – 18th December 2013

Succeed would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

News and Latest Developments

PeopleSoft at the American Payroll Association Awards

Kristen Emery writes on the PeopleSoft Apps Strategy blog about the 2013 American Payroll Association Awards. PeopleSoft Payroll won in 3 out of the 5 categories, courtesy of clients Hackensack University Medical Center, Capital One and Gap Inc.

Avon ditches $125m SAP Project 

Global cosmetics retailer Avon has ditched an expensive SAP project and written off $125m after a failed go-live in Canada which went so badly an executive claimed that it ‘annihilated’ the business. One of the major problems is a front-end that is too difficult for most reps to use, and 16,000 have quit as a result.

News and Latest Developments

PeopleTools 8.53.09 Patch Released

Oracle has released the #9 patch for PeopleTools. Looking through the release notes, there are fixes for – amongst other things – Query, PIA stuck threads, PUM, Component Interfaces, Activity Guides, Jolt and the Test Framework. (Support logon required).

PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Bundle 14 Released

Oracle has released Bundle 14 for HCM v9.1, and also Bundle #24 for HCM v9.0 (which can be found here). (Support logon required)

New PeopleSoft Update Manager Images Released

Oracle has released the 4th PUM images for both Financials and HCM and the 3rd PUM image for ELM. (Support logon required).


Accumulators and User Keys in Global Payroll 

Succeeder Sarah has posted an entry on our blog explaining the use of accumulators in PeopleSoft Global Payroll, and how the User Keys allows us to split the accumulator balances across changes in key fields.

New PeopleSoft Legislative Updates

Carolyn Cozart has posted a couple of updates to the PeopleSoft Legislative Updates blog. The first relates to Payroll for NA users importing W-2 data into TurboTax, and the second addresses some further changes to Global Payroll UK to keep pace with HMRC tweaks to the RTI submissions process.

PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 Life Events 

The Citagus blog has a screenshot/walkthrough entry on the Life Events transactions within eBenefits. It shows you the pages used to administer the functionality, and how to clone/create new ones.


Process.Run in PeopleSoft Test Framework

The Remote PS Admins blog has a post showing the Process.Run function of PTF, how it can be used to instantiate a process, and the differences in behaviour between Tools 8.51 and 8.52.

A Series of Posts on Component Interfaces

Derek Tomei has written a series of blog posts on the IT Toolbox blog on Component Interfaces. The link above is to the post on ‘The 4 Attributes of the PeopleSoftComponent Interface’. He also has posts on ‘Accessing and Viewing the Component Interface’, ‘Creating a New Component Interface’, ‘Component Interface Rules – Exposing Fields’ and ‘The Component Interface – What’s In The Buffer?.


Get End-Users “Pulling” for Your ERP Project

Steve Phillips on the IT Toolbox blog has written a great article about the techniques that can be used to ensure that all of those impacted by your ERP rollout are on your side.


Two of everyone’s favourite Oracle employees, Jeff Robbins and Jim Marion have an entertaining 6 minute chat about the PeopleSoft UI. They cover a little of the improvements in 9.2, and then whet our appetite for the UI overhaul that’s coming in PeopleTools 8.54.

And Finally…

Family’s ‘Christmas Jammies’ Video goes Viral

The Holderness family from Raleigh, NC created a Christmas video message, and it’s rightly attracted a lot of attention, so far racking up 2.5m views on YouTube. It’s pretty catchy too.

The world-famous Norad Santa-tracking tradition began thanks to a mis-typed digit in an advert containing Santa’s phone number printed in a local newspaper. When a child phoned the incorrect number, a quick thinking Colonel played along and a delightful tradition was born.