PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #65 – 18th December 2013

Issue #65 – 18th December 2013

Succeed would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

News and Latest Developments

PeopleSoft at the American Payroll Association Awards

Kristen Emery writes on the PeopleSoft Apps Strategy blog about the 2013 American Payroll Association Awards. PeopleSoft Payroll won in 3 out of the 5 categories, courtesy of clients Hackensack University Medical Center, Capital One and Gap Inc.

Avon ditches $125m SAP Project 

Global cosmetics retailer Avon has ditched an expensive SAP project and written off $125m after a failed go-live in Canada which went so badly an executive claimed that it ‘annihilated’ the business. One of the major problems is a front-end that is too difficult for most reps to use, and 16,000 have quit as a result.

News and Latest Developments

PeopleTools 8.53.09 Patch Released

Oracle has released the #9 patch for PeopleTools. Looking through the release notes, there are fixes for – amongst other things – Query, PIA stuck threads, PUM, Component Interfaces, Activity Guides, Jolt and the Test Framework. (Support logon required).

PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Bundle 14 Released

Oracle has released Bundle 14 for HCM v9.1, and also Bundle #24 for HCM v9.0 (which can be found here). (Support logon required)

New PeopleSoft Update Manager Images Released

Oracle has released the 4th PUM images for both Financials and HCM and the 3rd PUM image for ELM. (Support logon required).


Accumulators and User Keys in Global Payroll 

Succeeder Sarah has posted an entry on our blog explaining the use of accumulators in PeopleSoft Global Payroll, and how the User Keys allows us to split the accumulator balances across changes in key fields.

New PeopleSoft Legislative Updates

Carolyn Cozart has posted a couple of updates to the PeopleSoft Legislative Updates blog. The first relates to Payroll for NA users importing W-2 data into TurboTax, and the second addresses some further changes to Global Payroll UK to keep pace with HMRC tweaks to the RTI submissions process.

PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 Life Events 

The Citagus blog has a screenshot/walkthrough entry on the Life Events transactions within eBenefits. It shows you the pages used to administer the functionality, and how to clone/create new ones.


Process.Run in PeopleSoft Test Framework

The Remote PS Admins blog has a post showing the Process.Run function of PTF, how it can be used to instantiate a process, and the differences in behaviour between Tools 8.51 and 8.52.

A Series of Posts on Component Interfaces

Derek Tomei has written a series of blog posts on the IT Toolbox blog on Component Interfaces. The link above is to the post on ‘The 4 Attributes of the PeopleSoftComponent Interface’. He also has posts on ‘Accessing and Viewing the Component Interface’, ‘Creating a New Component Interface’, ‘Component Interface Rules – Exposing Fields’ and ‘The Component Interface – What’s In The Buffer?.


Get End-Users “Pulling” for Your ERP Project

Steve Phillips on the IT Toolbox blog has written a great article about the techniques that can be used to ensure that all of those impacted by your ERP rollout are on your side.


Two of everyone’s favourite Oracle employees, Jeff Robbins and Jim Marion have an entertaining 6 minute chat about the PeopleSoft UI. They cover a little of the improvements in 9.2, and then whet our appetite for the UI overhaul that’s coming in PeopleTools 8.54.

And Finally…

Family’s ‘Christmas Jammies’ Video goes Viral

The Holderness family from Raleigh, NC created a Christmas video message, and it’s rightly attracted a lot of attention, so far racking up 2.5m views on YouTube. It’s pretty catchy too.

The world-famous Norad Santa-tracking tradition began thanks to a mis-typed digit in an advert containing Santa’s phone number printed in a local newspaper. When a child phoned the incorrect number, a quick thinking Colonel played along and a delightful tradition was born.

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