PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #68 – 29th January 2014

Issue #68 – 29th January 2014

News and Latest Developments

PeopleSoft In-Memory Real-Time Bottom Line 

Marc Weintraub has announced the release of some solutions forPeopleSoft Financials that make use of the Oracle Engineered System (which we assume is the Exa-suite).

New Releases

PeopleSoft Maintenance Schedules for 2014

My Oracle Support has been updated with the Maintenance Schedules for 2014. The above link is for PeopleTools, but the Schedules for the Applications are available too –HCMCRMFinancials and Campus Solutions. There doesn’t seem to be one for the Interaction Hub yet. (Support Login required).

PeopleSoft Update Manager – HCM image 5 released

The fifth HCM image has been released to enable clients on v9.2 to use the newPeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) functionality to apply patches. (Support Login required).


PeopleSoft Troubleshooting Assistants

This week we noticed a section of the Oracle Support website that we’d not encountered before – PeopleSoft Troubleshooting Assistants. These purportedly help you diagnose issues by guiding you through the troubleshooting process. The available sections are just for Financials for the time being, but anything that reduces the effort required to locate and fix issues will be warmly welcomed. (Support Login required).

Working with PeopleSoft and Internet Explorer 

Mustapha Atar on the Animato blog lists some of the solutions and workarounds that make your life easier if you work with PeopleSoft and are restricted to using Internet Explorer.


You Don’t Have to Write PeopleCode to Create a BI Publisher Report

Rakesh Subhagan has written the second post in his series on BI Publisher. This entry – and it’s a very thorough 4 page posting – walks through the process of creating a Query and then building a BIP report from the Query Output.

Date to Timestamp Conversion during PeopleTools Upgrade 

The UK’s David Kurtz is working on an upgrade where the PeopleTools version is moving from 8.49 to 8.53.  One of the things that he’s encountered is that some date columns in the Oracle database become timestamps. Rather than drop and recreate every index in the system David shows how he just recreates those indexes which reference these columns, thus producing a significant saving of time during the upgrade.

Deleting Service Operation Log Tables During Development

Chris Malek from the Cedar Hills Group has an entry on the best way to prune the Integration Broker tables while developing, without losing crucial data.


What are you all looking for? 

An article from Succeed’s Duncan which analyses the hits and clicks various social media entities received in 2013. Which was the most clicked onPeopleSoft Weekly article? How about the Fusion Weekly? and Duncan’s blog, the App Store and his Twitter feed?

Quest Q&A Magazine – PeopleSoft Edition

The first PeopleSoft-only edition of the magazine, containing articles on Maximising your Upgrade, a Q&A with Marc Weintraub on PUM, PeopleSoft at OOW and a piece on whyPeopleSoft is defying the doom-mongers.

The Private Cloud is giving way to the Public Cloud

An article by David Linthicum on why the initial, tentative ‘private cloud’ moves that some clients were making are now being replaced by large steps into the Hybrid or Public Cloud by an increasing number of enterprises. “The truth is the Public cloud is more ready for prime time than most private clouds. In addition, they’re more cost-effective and do a much better job of providing time-to-market advantages, business agility, and scalability.”


At Succeed, we love people who think about design a little bit differently and this really caught our eye. The appropriately-named Peter Smart deconstructs the boarding pass, and then pieces it back together in a much more intelligent and thoughtful way.


The University of Central Florida has produced a video – with Oracle – showcasing some of their PeopleSoft systems, and it looks like the effort that they’ve put into the user experience is well worth it. They have some very attractive and modern looking pages.

and One More Thing …

Table Tennis Match Gets Progressively More Entertaining And Absurd

From NextDraft. It’s always amusing to see professionals goofing around and making difficult shots look easy. The fooling around starts at around the 4 minute mark, but the showboating properly begins at 5 mins, including playing over the head of the scorekeeper, playing with two balls and head ping-pong.


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