PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #70 – 19th February 2014

Issue #70 – 19th February 2014

News and Latest Developments

Larry: Managing Your Most Precious Assets 

The speech that Larry Ellison gave at Oracle Cloud World stressed that the two most important systems in your company are the ones that help you look after talent (HCM) and the ones that help you serve customers (CRM). “Attracting the very best people in your line of business … is the difference between winning and losing.”

New Releases

Financials PUM 5 is Released

Oracle have released the 5th PUM Image for PeopleSoft Financials v9.2. Those among you implementing Financials 9.2 will need this to get the latest patches to apply (Support Login required).

New Financials v9.1 Patches

Oracle have released some new patches for PeopleSoft Financials. These are Financials v9.1 Bundle #29, ESA Bundle #29 and Global Components #18 (Support Login required).


Accommodating Health Care Reform in PeopleSoft 

Eric Palmer on the Animato blog has an entry on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the requirements that it places on companies.

What’s New in PeopleSoft 9.2 Inventory

Jim Scagnelli on the BTRG blog details some of the improvements in the Inventory module within PeopleSoft 9.2.

A Day in the Life – Episode 1

The Cardinal Point Solutions team have started a blog series giving us an insight into an implementation of WorkCenters for one of their clients. It’s a fictional client, but we’re sure a lot of the advice will be borne out of experience.


Compiling PeopleCode

Chris Heller on the GreyHeller blog has written an entry on the ‘Compile PeopleCode’ functionality within App Designer. It’s not something we’ve used much before, so it was really useful to hear that it’s part of the workflow of someone as revered as Chris.


Google Glass worn by staff at London Heathrow airport 

We’re not sure whether this is a PR stunt by Virgin Atlantic or a genuine field trial, but it’s an interesting concept nonetheless. Can wearable tech like Google Glass assist in providing a better class of service to the customer?

Video Feature Overview Homepage Updated

Oracle have redesigned the homepage for the Video Feature Overview page. It’s a central page containing the most recent Oracle-produced PeopleSoft videos, and it now has a much more modern appearance.


A nice visualisation of the busyness of the tube stations on the London Underground. You can choose which years to compare against, and the time/type of entry or exit to compare with.


Stereograms – made popular in recent years by the ‘Magic Eye’ series – seem to delight and frustrate people in equal measure. Normally they’re static images, however Canadian Indie-rock band Young Rival have made a music video out of them.

and One More Thing …

Your Strategy Guide to Life 

A very clever article which describes each stage of life as sections of a video game. It sounds geeky, but it’s really well written and some of the parallels are very clever. “The first 15 years or so of life are just tutorial missions, which suck. There’s no way to skip these.”


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