PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #67 – 15th January 2014

Issue #67 – 15th January 2014

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News and Latest Developments

Browser Plans for PeopleTools 8.54 

Oracle have decided to adopt an aggressive approach with the next version of PeopleTools and browser support. Instead of supporting selected older versions, the minimum supported browser versions will be those at the time of general release, so Internet Explorer 11 will be the minimum! Older versions will be supported (back to IE 9) however only with the ‘classic UI’. Companies wishing to make use of the exciting changes coming in the 8.54 UI need to be on the latest releases. It’s an interesting change of approach, and one that will enable them to take advantage of new browser capabilities much sooner (Support Login required).

New Releases

PeopleTools 8.53.10 Product Patch

Oracle have released the most recent patch for PeopleTools 8.53. Also released is patch .21 for PeopleTools 8.52 (Support Login required).


What is your goal for Manager Self Service in 2014?

Brad Worley on the Animato blog lists the many reasons why empowering your users with Self Service systems is a key step to HR being able to conserve time for high-value strategic activities.


Getting Ready to Generate BI Publisher Reports

Rakesh Subhagan has written the first post in what he promises will be a series on BI Publisher within PeopleSoft. This post details the setup tasks and skills you need before you start your first report.

Implementing High Availability for Oracle SES

Oracle’s Matthew Haavisto has highlighted a useful new document on Oracle support that describes steps to implement High Availability for Oracle SES  This approach uses a 4-node WebLogic Server cluster and 3-node Oracle RAC Database so it’s clearly only for the largest implementations.


Top 8 ERP Trends for 2014

The Enterprise Apps Today has predicted the top 8 trends that’ll impact the ERP market in 2014. There are some obvious entries in here (Mobile, Social, Cloud), but also some less obvious items – like Two Tier ERP – something that we’ve been discussing a lot at Succeed recently.

Chromebooks (Google’s low cost netbooks) came from nowhere to take 10% of the US business computer market in 2013. That’s an incredible leap when you consider that iPads only have 15% of the market. The biggest loser was Windows Notebooks, the only bright spot for Microsoft being Windows tablets taking 2% of the market.


Slideshare have shared their most viewed items of the last year, and this infographic caught our eye. It has some genuinely interesting stats about the differences between Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y people and their habits.


This advisor webcast on Pivot Grids in PeopleSoft runs for just over an hour and gives a thorough demonstration of all you’ll need to know to get started with this graphical dashboard/reporting tool. (Support Login required).
A 6 minute walkthrough of the HR Helpdesk functionality in PeopleSoft CRM v9.2. It shows the Service Center, the HR Agent Dashboard and the Manager Dashboard.
This isn’t PeopleSoft related, but it does feature Larry’s yacht (briefly). Google’s Zeitgeist summaries of the year are always worth a watch. Some happy memories, some poignant ones, and it ends on a great note with the Batman kid.

And Finally…

The latest Aussie advance – Tweeting Sharks 

Sharks that swim close to any popular beaches on the south west coast of Australia will tweet their location, warning beachgoers of their presence. We predict an increase in demand for waterproof phone cases. Via JP Rangaswami.


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