PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #69 – 5th February 2014

Issue #69 – 5th February 2014

News and Latest Developments

The 20 Coolest Cloud Software Vendors Of 2014

Oracle has made the list of the top 20 ‘coolest cloud companies’. They’re above Salesforce, SAP and Workday in the list, but it is in alphabetical order …

2013’s Most Vulnerable Systems & Software

What were the most vulnerable operating systems, apps and software last year? Oracle came 3rd in the list of ‘high priority vulnerabilities’, however most of these are in Java (second only to Internet Explorer in the list of vulnerable applications). It’s interesting that Red Hat Linux had more vulnerabilities reported than Windows 2012, and Ubuntu had more than Windows 8.

New Releases

Announcing PeopleSoft In-Memory Labor Rules and Monitoring 

Oracle’s John Webb has announced the General Availability of PeopleSoftIn-Memory Labor Rules and Monitoring – useful for those that have Time & Labor and the Oracle Exa-stack. It’s the first In-memory release for the HCM suite.


Optional Prompting in PS Query

Raja Palaniappan has a post on the PSoft Search blog explaining how to have a prompt in your Query that either lets you filter data (if you add a value) or returns all data (if you leave the prompt blank).


Trouble importing HCM v9.2 ERDs

Succeed’s Duncan has managed to import the Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) into HCM v9.2 and reports that there’s a small undocumented tweak that you have to make before the documents are available.

One PC – Five Virtual Machines 

Oxfam’s Graham Smith has been working with the new PUM images, and has managed to get 3xPUM instances, plus a Change Assistant VM and a Cobol VM to run on a single decent spec desktop PC.

The new colour of spreadsheet reporting with PeopleSoft

Chanchal Agrawal on the Hexaware blog tackles the issue of Excel reporting where the output is required to be heavily formatted. There are a number of ways of doing this, and Chanchal discusses deconstructing the Excel XML format to create the desired report formatting.


UK government plans switch from MS Office

UK Ministers are looking at saving tens of millions of pounds a year by abandoning expensive Office Suite software and will instead standardise on free or open source suites such as Open Office and Google Docs. It’s a brave plan as the training bill will be massive, however the licence savings would be similarly huge if they can make it work.

Chromebook sales outperform MacBooks and iPad

An interesting one this as it’s from the Apple Insider blog, which reports that the Google Chromebook is doing surprisingly well. These figures are from the commercial sector, so exclude home purchases (where the iPad would be stronger) but we were intrigued that the Chromebook seems to be doing so well in business as we’ve seen virtually no penetration in our clients.

Coca-Cola Suffers Data Breach After Employee ‘Borrows’ 55 Laptops 

Coca-Cola has admitted falling prey to a bizarre data breach in which an employee apparently stole dozens of laptops over several years containing the sensitive data of 74,000 people without anyone noticing. We particularly like the categorisation of it as a ‘slow motion data breach’.


A nicely put together website where you can scroll through the different web design ideals. Who will win? Flat or Realism? You decide …


Oracle University have updated their course catalogue with a number of new courses for PeopleTools 8.53. Some might raise an eyebrow that it’s taken this long (Tools 8.53 has been out for a year now), but it is good that the training has had a refresh.

and One More Thing …

McDonalds Chicken McNuggets and the ‘Pink Goop’ Picture 

There’s a picture that’s been circulating the internet for years that claims to show a part of the McDonalds process for creating Chicken McNuggets and a container of ‘pink goop’. This video shows the process from an actual McDonalds manufacturing plant and it’s a lot different than you might expect.


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