PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #73 – 12th March 2014

Issue #73 – 12th March 2014


Oracle Aims Two Shots at the University Market

This week Oracle has announced two new products for the Higher Education Market. The first – Oracle Student Cloud – is an offering based on Fusion Applications and probably won’t surprise many as it’s a natural complement to the other Fusion pillars. More surprising/exciting is the announcement of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions v9.2 (especially as there was no v9.1). Both are due in 2015. Floyd Teter snapped a photo, is this the Tools 8.54 UI?

New Releases

Oracle have released a PeopleSoft 8.53/9.2 ‘prototyping toolkit’. It provides user interface components in PowerPoint format that designers can use in their slides/mockups to create user interface designs for customisations to your applications.


Cardinal Point summarise the wins from their implementation of Workcenters at a fictional client. There are a number of positives to take from this, including that PeopleTools 8.54’s New UI will make even more use of them!.


Stephen ‘Digital Eagle’ Phillips has managed to get PeopleTools running on Linux. This is something that a few people have been requesting for a while so it’s great that it is possible – even if it’s using Wine rather than native.


The Infinite Lives of BitTorrent
Bram Cohen is the inventor behind the BitTorrent protocol – the method of quickly transferring large files over the internet. As popular as it has become, he’s also made a lot of powerful enemies (the music and movie industries, particularly). How many times can a company reinvent itself?
An amusingly titled article by Angus Kidman on LifeHacker discusses Oracle’s acquisitive nature (although it’s far from alone in this respect) and what it means for customers of software that is purchased by Oracle – particularly relevant for PeopleSoft clients.
Why Keep ‘Black Box’ Data Trapped on Planes?
In the aftermath of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight, people have wondered why the data which contains the best clues to what could have caused the incident is held in a ‘black box’ which always ends up inside the wreckage. Why not transmit it real-time to somewhere safer?


There’s a new series of interviews with high profile PeopleSoft figures with Marc Weintraub as the interviewer. The first one features Jeff Robbins who talks about usability in PeopleTools 8.54, PeopleSoft in the Cloud and why the ability to customise with PeopleSoft gives it a big advantage over its competitors.

and One More Thing…

Pretty much everyone who rides the underground trains in cities around the world will have thought “I could do better” at some point or other … here’s your chance! A superbly simple and incredibly addictive online game where you create your own tiny Tube system has been unleashed. We think anything over 300 is good, and anything over 600 superb. Let me know your scores and we’ll mention you next week!

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