PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #71 – 26th February 2014

Issue #71 – 26th February 2014

New Releases

First Certifications of Office 2013 Now Complete 

Oracle have announced the first certifications of Microsoft Office 2013 with PeopleSoft. Initially it’s limited to Excel 2013, running on Windows 7, and only for Tools 8.53.11 and above. Word 2013 certification, plus certification for Excel 2013 on Windows 8 is planned for a future release (Support login required).


I’m Simon Wilson and this is how I work

One of Succeed’s strongest Techs, and our Tech Practice Lead – Simon Wilson answers the ‘how i work’ questions.


Implementing Manager Self Service

Brad Worley on the Animato blog has posted an entry on the steps that you should take to get Manager Self Service implemented successfully. We were pleased to see that there is a section for ‘continuous service improvement’, so it’s not just a 1 hit ‘install it and leave it’ solution, but something that can improve and grow with the business.

A Day in the Life – Episode 3

The Cardinal Point Solutions team have continued their blog series giving us an insight into an implementation of WorkCenters for a fictional client. This week they cover the thought behind which queries to use, and where they are to be placed in the workcenter.


Jim Marion’s Alliance 2014 Schedule 

Jim Marion is presenting a couple of sessions at the upcoming Alliance conference. If you’re lucky enough to be able to go, make sure that you add his sessions into your agenda planner.

Oracle SES Installation & Configuration

Vijay on the Citagus Blog has a walkthrough for installing Oracle Secure Enterprise Search – which you’ll need for the new v9.2 applications.

SMTP Authentication

Wade ‘Smart Panda’ Coombs has a short entry on SMTP authentication in the App and Batch servers, and which versions of Tools the passwords need encrypting in.


Can you Log on to your system using Sound?

Google has bought SlickLogin, a sound-based password security startup. They have the smart idea of getting your computer to play a unique but virtually inaudible sound which is picked up by your mobile phone, which then contacts SlickLogin’s servers and confirms your identity.

Which Mobile Carrier is best for you? 

There’s a clever new mobile app called ‘Glove’ that will tell you – based on the locations that you use – which mobile network is best for you. The makers claim that 75% of us could be using a better carrier. It’s only available in 2 locations at launch, and is Android only initially, but will grow capability over time.

Google’s Robot Army is Growing

Google has acquired quite a few robotics companies over the last few months. This article gives a rundown of what areas each of the acquisitions specialises in.


Westfield – the global owner/operator of Shopping Centres – usePeopleSoft, and are currently upgrading to PeopleSoft v9.2. In this 2 minute video Peter Bourke (Westfield’s IT Director) discusses the benefits that it brings.

This 7 minute video talks us through what we’ll need to use the new PeopleSoft In Memory Labor Rules and Monitoring functionality, and the benefits that we’ll realise if we do. The narrator talks really fast, but there is a lot of info in this video.

and One More Thing …

A Formula 1 lap in 360-Degree Interactive Video

An interactive video, in which you can watch as F1 ace Nico Rosberg takes the 2014 McLaren Mercedes on a lap around the historic Silverstone course, but the best thing is that you can use your mouse to pan around as he drives.

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