PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #52 – 31st July 2013

Issue #52 – 31st July 2013

News and Latest Developments

Oracle Openworld: What to Expect 

Chris Kanaracus has summarised his predictions for what the big announcements will be at this year’s OOW. Will we see unveils of In-memory database tech, new hardware, Fusion updates and new features of the Oracle Cloud?

The PeopleSoft 9.2 Roadshow

Paco Aubrejuan (SVP of PeopleSoft Enterprise) is touring some North American cities to explain the benefits of 9.2 and how PeopleSoft continues to deliver value. Chicago, NYC, Boston and Toronto are his August destinations (Support Login required).


HCM 9.2 – Guided Life Events

Anne Mayer has added a post to the Mipro blog with a video walkthrough of Guided Life Events within HCM 9.2. This kind of assisted navigation is made possible with the new Activity Guide functionality.

When Time and Labor Load to Paysheets Fails

Brooke Lindsey writes on the Animato blog on the PSPLDTL1 process, aka ‘Time and Labor Load to Paysheets’ and what to do if it fails.

Derek Tomei gives some great examples for how business users can upgrade their Query skills by learning how to use Connected Queries.


Data Migration Workbench 

Alok Bhardwaj has posted a very useful walkthrough of the Data Migration Workbench. This is new functionality in Tools 8.53 which allows us to migrate config as a managed object, and means we can use fewer Data Mover scripts.

PeopleSoft SES Administration – Part 3

Randy from the Remote PS Admins blog continues his series on the installation and configuration of Secure Enterprise Search with PeopleSoft. Part 3 focuses more on the administration side.


Can you call on a Gopher Team?

Within Google there’s a team dedicated to fixing niggles and removing frustration caused by poor code.  The article also covers the Go language, but the concept of an anti-glitch hit-squad sounds good to us.


This week’s Utilities section is entirely given over to the excellent work that Lee Greffin has been doing on his Greffin’s Feather blog in documenting PS Unit. The above linked post is an introduction, however Lee has also recently posted blog entries on PSUnit Assert TestsAdding Tests and some concluding Odds and Ends.

And Finally…

Can Changing its DNA save the Orange? 

Orange orchards in Florida (and in the rest of the world too) are being infected with ‘citrus greening’. It spoils the crop, and there’s no immunity available from Mother Nature. Is altering the Orange’s DNA the only way we can save our morning glass of OJ?

Hacking GPS to control a $80m yacht

Some University of Texas students created a device that sent false GPS signals to a ship, overrode the existing GPS signals, and gained control of the navigation of an $80 million yacht in the Mediterranean Sea.


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