PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #53 – 7th August 2013

Issue #53 – 7th August 2013

News and Latest Developments

How the cloud will reinvent ERP – and how long it will take

Colin Barker writes on the ZD Net blog about the cloud, and how over the next 10 years it’ll change the ERP landscape. He includes some sage advice (using the hybrid cloud as a stepping stone), however we’d strongly disagree with his final remarks as PeopleSoftcan work very well in the cloud too!

Oracle Certifies Windows Server 2012 for PeopleTools 

Succeeder Tim spotted that Oracle has now certified Windows Server 2012 with PeopleTools 8.53 and 8.52. The certification includes the database server, web server, application server and batch server, although there are some limitations (Support login required).


When Compensation does not want to Use Salary Grades

Talina Lambeth writes on the Animato blog on the dilemma she faced when designing a multi-tiered salary range system, whilst still maintaining the alerting to HR when entries are outside the ranges.
Chirag Mehta talks about Big Data and where it fits within the field of of BI. Will it be as big a disruption as the Internet or the Cloud?


Enhancing BI Publisher Reporting 

Nanda Kumar from the Kovaion Consulting Blog shows some of the improvements that they’ve made to the BI Publisher reporting routines, from page counts, PDF merging and Barcodes to watermarks, images and Excel output.

My First PeopleSoft Test Framework Test

Daniel Kibler has started using the PeopleSoft Test Framework, these are his findings.


Instead of Money, Toyota Donates Expertise

Many companies have a long history of donating money to soup kitchens and food-banks. Toyota approached it differently and offered assistance to improve their processes – with significant results.

The $4 Million Teacher

A really interesting tweak to the education model has occurred in South Korea, where after-school tutors are paid according to their popularity with their students.


The ‘Apps Consultant’ gives his Top 10 tips on what will happen at OpenWorld, what to bring, and how to make the most of your time there.

A short podcast on the merits of having ‘a healthy heart’, by which they mean quality master data. The Oracle ‘Enterprise Data Quality’ product can help with this. Succeed have used it on a number of sites and can vouch for its effectiveness.

And Finally…

Breaking Bad’s Management Lessons

Breaking Bad is one of the highest regarded TV series, and this article highlights some of the management lessons that can be found within – not just from Walt, but also loveable lawyer Saul Goodman. (Warning: contains season 5 spoilers!)

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