PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #51 – 24th July 2013

Issue #51 – 24th July 2013

News and Latest Developments

PeopleSoft Sessions at Open World 

Jim Marion has picked out some of his highlights from the Open World agenda. In related news, the early bird discount has been extended.

New PeopleTools Patches released

Last week Oracle released new patches for its supported PeopleTools versions. PeopleTools 8.53.05 is linked to above. Oracle also released Tools 8.52.17 and8.51.24 (Support Login required).


More Innovations in PeopleSoft WorkCenters – Billing Module

Following on from the previous post about the new Workcenters in the Contracts Module, this week the Cardinal Point team have turned their attention to Billing Workcenters.


PeopleTools Automated Environment Configuration

Hakan Biroglu has found what looks like beta/trial functionality within Tools 8.53, functionality which may well become part of the core feature set in upcoming versions. For those that build quite a few environments (and it’s something that we’ll all be doing with the PeopleSoft Update Manager) this is going to be pretty useful.

Tips for Improving PeopleSoft Performance 

A great post by Mustapha Atar of the Animato blog. Mustapha details the steps you can take to ensure that your production environment doesn’t suffer from degraded performance.

Track Locked Objects in App Designer

Another entry this week from the PeopleSoft Blog. It shows us how to identify which objects are locked, by whom, and the object type.


Failure to clean up old Java is leaving enterprises vulnerable to attack

Enterprises should do more to upgrade or remove old versions of Java in their systems, as running these legacy versions could leave them open to attack.

So how will the Hyperloop work?

There’s an awful lot of excitement and intrigue about Elon Musk’s Hyperloop idea. The concept of travelling at twice the speed of the bullet train sounds a tantalising prospect, but will it work, and can he deliver it? If he can, it’ll change a lot of things for the transport industry world-wide.


Iouri Chadour has spotted that the excellent TraceMagic tool (the free Oracle-built trace analysis tool) has been updated.
The first reviews for the Leap Motion controller includes this video review – which does it a lot more justice than a page of words could. Although it’s commercially available it still sounds like early days for the product, but it has some great apps and is one to watch.

And Finally…

A haunting series of photographs of modern day Detroit. It looks like scenes from a zombie/apocalypse movie, but it’s real.

The Summer – Before Air Conditioning

It’s pretty warm on both sides of the Atlantic right now, but spare a thought for those who had to endure the heat in the years before Air Con.

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