PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #50 – 17th July 2013

Issue #50 – 17th July 2013

Welcome to our 50th issue of PeopleSoft Weekly!

News and Latest Developments

Oracle Open World Appreciation Event Headliners Announced

The headlining artists for the OOW appreciation event on Treasure Island have been announced. This year, Maroon 5 (Moves Like Jagger) and The Black Keys (Lonely Boy) will be sharing the stage.

The Best Enterprise Software Companies And CEOs To Work For

It’s always interesting to see the results of these surveys, especially this one which has combined rankings of both the company and the CEO. Google comes out on top, and Oracle doesn’t fare too badly (the company’s ranking is 65%, but Larry will be pleased with his 80% approval rating). Below Oracle are many rivals, including IBM, Northgate, Kronos, Fujitsu, HP, Unisys and Infor.


Move over 9 box grid! There’s a new model in the town

Succeeder Sravya has an analysis of the latest method of measuring employee performance, and it’s a large improvement on the trusty 9-box grid.

First PS 9.2 UPK Pre-built Content Modules Now Available

The first batch of pre-built User Productivity Kit content for the 9.2 applications has been made available. It is downloadable from eDelivery and cover Financials and (some) HCM.


How to FULLSYNC tables between PeopleSoft databases

Chris Malek from the Cedar Hills Group has blogged on how to synchronise tables in two different databases where there is no delivered message/process to do so.

PT 8.53 SQR jpeg Image Sizing Bug

Daniel Kibler has spotted a bug in SQRs in Tools 8.53. The bug manifests itself in the way that the logos are embedded in the .pdf output.

Secure Enterprise Search for PeopleSoft

Randy from the Remote PS Admin blog has posted the first two in a series of posts on setting up SES with PeopleSoft. The first is linked to above, the second can be foundhere.


What We Can Expect From The Next Decade Of Technology

An interesting thought-piece from the Business Insider blog on the improvements in technology and where they will take us in the next 10 years. There is much mention of various laws (incl the well known Moore’s Law) showing that cpu speed, disk space and bandwidth are increasing rapidly. Now we just need someone to break “Duncan’s Law”, which posits that battery life decreases with every device upgrade that we purchase.

The History of Ctrl + Alt + Del

Where did the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keystroke combination come from, and how did it gain the prominence that it once had?


Neil Yetman at the GetLevel(0) blog highlights a Chrome browser extension written forPeopleSoft by Uffe Graakjaer. Neil also points out another Chrome extension by Shelby Melban called PSChrome.
The ‘PeopleSoft Career Guy’ pointed us to this Oracle produced video on the HCM to ELM Full Sync setup – which has been much improved in 9.2 and is now a ‘guided process’.

And Finally…

A marvellous example of how technology can enrich the classroom experience – by bringing the black death to a room full of Australian children.

The microwave of the future 

An ingenious developer has modified his microwave using a Raspberry Pi to perform all sorts of functions that really should have been included by manufacturers before now.

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