PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #49 – 10th July 2013

Issue #49 – 10th July 2013

News and Latest Developments

The Open World Agenda is Posted

Iouri Chadour was the first to spot that the Content Catalogue for OpenWorld has been posted.

CRM 9.1 Bundle 14 has been released

Oracle has released bundle 14 for CRM 9.1. It’s dated for the tail end of June but we’re sure it wasn’t listed last week! (Support login required).


More Innovations in PeopleSoft WorkCenters – Contracts

Continuing their run of being featured on this newsletter, this week Cardinal Point have blogged on the WorkCenters delivered with PeopleSoft that will help you to work even more effectively in the Contracts module.

LinkedIn has become Enterprise Software 

A great slide deck on why LinkedIn is so crucial. It’s a really interesting update on the position LinkedIn has managed to get itself into as the dominant player in both the online resume and job-board markets. It also covers initiatives such as ‘Apply via LinkedIn’ and the huge benefits of access to passive candidates.


Pagelet Wizard Custom Tags

Jim Marion has posted an entry on usage of advanced formatting within Pagelets, and how to prevent your code being incorrectly handled by PeopleSoft.

Fun with PeopleSoft App Packages

Lee Greffin has posted a couple of entries on his Greffins Feather blog concerning the usage of PeopleSoft Application Packages. The article linked above is about handling of constants, and he’s also posted on Instance Variables.

Control the Popup Data on MouseOver

The PeopleSoft Blog has a follow-up piece on controlling the appearance of the mouse-over popup.


The next big Gadget?

Spurred by the success of the Pebble watch, most consumer electronics manufacturers are now making smart watches. It’s not just Microsoft, Google and Apple. Acer, Blackberry, LG, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and even Dell are either making or planning one.

Ferrari puts brakes on staff emails

The Italian luxury car automaker is limiting its employees to 3 internal email recipients on each email in a bid to get its employees to talk to each other more, and email each other less.

Disruptions: How Driverless Cars Could Reshape Cities

Driverless cars will impact many, many things – and not just for taxi drivers. As ~30% of urban driving is spent looking for a parking spot, and up to ⅓ of city land is taken up by space for parking things will clearly improve. However, will people be open to even longer commutes (as they can sleep or even workout while being driven)?


There’s a new book out about Larry Ellison’s quest for the America’s Cup. Here are 10 Larry quotes from the book. Some will help perpetuate his commonly held image, others – particularly the school one – show a softer side.

And Finally…

There’s a lot of euphoria at the moment in the UK after Andy Murray’s Wimbledon win, but with the drug-testing regime considerably lighter than some other sports (notably cycling) might some players be benefiting from illegal enhancement?

Teacher wears same school photo shirt for 40 years

PE Teacher Dale Irby from Texas has worn the same disco shirt and sweater for every school photo at his school for the last 40 years. There’s even a video/slideshow.

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