PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #48 – 3rd July 2013

Issue #48 – 3rd July 2013

News and Latest Developments

Oracle Database 12c

Oracle’s long awaited new database was released last week and there is some nice new functionality to play with – notably Multitenant pluggable databases. This is a huge advance and will reshape the way in which multi-tenancy is done within the industry. There’s further coverage here. The latest version of Enterprise Manager was also released.


Time and Labor Timesheet Lockdown

There’s a new post on the Hexaware blog investigating the Timesheet Lock-down functionality in HCM 9.2. It details the effect – exactly what is made read-only – and contains some analysis of when it would be useful.

Why navigate? Use PeopleSoft Global Search

Mustapha Atar on the Animato blog discusses how the Secure Enterprise Search/PeopleSoft Search Framework can change the method your end-users use to navigate the system.

Recruiting Dashboard in PeopleSoft HCM 9.2

The Hexaware blog also has a summary of the new Recruiting dashboard that’s part of the HCM 9.2 release, including an individual look at some of the pagelets.


Future Dating PeopleSoft

This post on the Smart Panda blog shows a use for the PeopleSoft Virtual Servers that we hadn’t come across before – altering the Operating System clock to simulate Year-End. It’s a lot easier on a virtual system than a physical machine.

Using the PeopleTools 8.53 Version of jQuery Safely

Jim Marion has more experience than most at effectively using jQuery within PeopleSoft, and he’s posted his method of ensuring that the delivered version of jQuery is used in the most tidy and elegant manner.

Working the Chart Percentages

It’s been a while since we included a BI Publisher article. This post – from Tim Dexter on the Oracle BI Publisher Blog – includes some nice looking charts and the code needed to produce them.

The Best Uses for Application Engine

Derek Tomei has posted an article to the IT Toolbox blog breaking down exactly what we should and shouldn’t be using App Engine for.


Oracle’s Week of Deals 

We mentioned Oracle’s deal with Microsoft Azure in last week’s newsletter, but the other tie-ups were too late to be included. Here’s an analysis of the deals by Succeeder Duncan.

Richard George from Cedar Crestone picks his favourite 3 features from the HCM v9.2 release.

Sure, there’s a lot of water … but what else is there inside your morning cup?


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