PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #43 – 29th May 2013

Issue #43 – 29th May 2013

News and Latest Developments

PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 Strengthens User Confidence

A very positive interview article with Scott & White Healthcare with some really encouraging quotes. It seems the version 9.2 applications really are giving users reasons to adopt an ‘evaluate PeopleSoft first’ approach when the time comes to upgrade.

It’s time to start thinking about RECONNECT 

PeopleSoft RECONNECT is the ONLY PeopleSoft-specific event in North America. It runs from July 23rd-25th, and Early Bird prices last until July 2nd.

Salesforce Nabs Database Guru for War on Oracle

It’s great to watch the battle between Larry and his ex-protege Marc Benioff (now CEO of Salesforce). Larry often gleefully points out that Salesforce runs on Oracle databases, but is Marc plotting a re-platforming?


Did you ask the HR chatbot?

Steve Boese blogs about the implementation of Ivy, an HR Chatbot by Intel. Ivy doesn’t just have a list of canned responses, she also improves by learning from feedback. What does this mean for HR departments – and indeed HCM software – in the future?


Parallel Pagelet Loading

Randy from the Remote PS Admin blog has found a handy configuration change for those still on PeopleTools 8.52 to get one of the useful improvements from Tools 8.53 a little early.

Since SAP bought Crystal Reports there has been a constant change in the licensing between Oracle and SAP. Wade Coombs posts on the ‘Smart Panda’ blog the steps required if you still use Crystal in your company.

Being a great programmer involves more than writing code that works. Justin James lists the hallmarks of programmers who rise to the top ranks of their profession.

There are some interesting anecdotes in this article – not just the Bloomburg scandal. What do SaaS companies do with client data, and will they either lose it or mine it for trends to upsell back to you?

A new video on the Continuous Delivery model, with a funky new soundtrack.

A brave reporter goes in the cockpit with Sean D. Tucker – World Aerobatic Champion and Team Oracle pilot – after a 3 hot-dog lunch and says “give me everything you’ve got”.

And Finally…

Steve Job’s Dream Device has Arrived 

It’s not made by Apple though, it’s made by Microsoft! This article reviews the upcoming Xbox One and suggests that it’s the closest device yet to the nirvana of bridging all your entertainment centre options.

How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge

An interesting read in general, but the section that really caught our eye was the list of different types of individuals that can inspire people. Which one are you? Would the best leader combine all of those traits?

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