PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #42 – 22nd May 2013

Issue #42 – 22nd May 2013

News and Latest Developments

Oracle Releases Mobile Updates for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

Oracle has released new mobile functionality for Campus Solutions customers built on the ADF (Application Development Framework). This is ‘version 1’, but features enrolling on classes, schedules, grades and other functionality.

A busy week for Yahoo! 

It’s an exciting time to be a Yahoo employee. This week they’ve rolled out a dramatically improved Flickr (which may help it reclaim its mantle as the internet’s favoured online photo storing/displaying website) and made it free for up to 1TB of photos – that’s a staggering amount of space. Yahoo also shelled out $1.1Bn for Tumblr, the micro-blogging service – the first acquisition that we’ve seen announced with an animated gif!


PeopleSoft Recruiting: Talent Acquisition Manager 9.2

Of all the modules that have improved in HCM9.2, we think recruiting is probably the one that has taken the biggest leap forwards. This 4 minute video shows the Talent Acquisition Dashboard, one of the nicest looking – but least shown – of the new dashboards in 9.2.


Some learnings from XSLT 

Succeeder Chris has been using XSLT to transform and style some pagelets. He has some tips for effectively using XSLT within the Pagelet Wizard to improve appearance and increase the usability of your users’ homepages.

Analytic Engine and Analytic Grid

Pawan Mundhra walks us through the setup required to deploy an Analytic Grid. In some ways these are similar to Pivot Grids, but instead of appearing in a dashboard they are contained within a PeopleSoft page.

Deploy the Oracle prebuilt virtual machine – easy as 1,2,3 

Elisabeta Olteanu from the Systems Insights blog has documented the process of deploying the Financials 9.2 OVM.

Marten Mickos (CEO, Eucalyptus Systems) lays out the many ways in which the cloud changes the landscape for designers and developers.

We love companies that turn the status quo on its head. Amazon have taken the traditional format for meetings and flipped it in a way that makes great sense. We’d love to try this.
Steve Boese makes the newsletter again this week with this staggering infographic/map.
One feature that everyone loves about PeopleTools 8.53 and the 9.2 applications are the Pivot Grids. This short video walks through their configuration and usage.

And Finally…

How to be both Cuddly and Terrifying at the same time 

This is really off-topic, but it’s fascinating footage of what happened when a young grizzly bear found a Go-Pro camera that had been left to capture some wildlife shots. (Warning, includes extreme close-ups of bear teeth!)


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