PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #44 – 5th June 2013

Issue #44 – 5th June 2013

News and Latest Developments

Oracle sets out future Java security plans 

Oracle has aligned the release cycle for its Java updates with the regular Critical Patch updates. For future releases Java security updates will be part of its Critical Patch updates, not on their own schedule – as was previously the case.


Could the paycheck re-invent HCM? Yes it can!

Holger Mueller from the Enterprise Software Musings blog has a load of great ideas for engaging your employees via an unexpected medium – the payslip. A great read! Succeed have just implemented something very similar to this for one of our more forward thinking clients, so it’s practical advice too.

How to Implement Automated Benefits in PeopleSoft

Dennis Bortolus from Cedar Crestone discusses Automated Benefits, why it’s often neglected and the value it can bring. He also walks through the steps to implementation.

A Day in the Life in PeopleSoft HCM 9.2

A walkthrough with screenshots of all of the areas of the system that an employee might encounter on a (pretty eventful) day at work. It highlights many of the new areas in 9.2.


PeopleSoft Weblogic Monitoring tools

Randy from the Remote PS Admin blog has developed some tools to monitor WebLogic and made them available on his website.

Jim Marion lets the secret out of the bag … PeopleTools 8.53 includes jQuery, jQuery UI and Mobile jQuery. The libraries are a little old and don’t seem to be used extensively, but the fact they’re there is a step forward.

Chris Malek from the Cedar Hills Group lays out the questions to ask yourself if you’re deciding between using Component Interfaces and direct SQL inserts for loading data.

Being Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends Report is a must read for those with an eye to the future. The full slide deck is linked to above, the video of her presentation is available here. Holger Mueller also picks out the key items for Enterprise readers here. If you read one thing this week, make it this one.

We found this great blog post via the Intrasee twitter account. The author (Mark Boyd) gives examples of companies with multiple SaaS systems and the pain of integration that it brings.
There have been 3 new additions to the Learning Library – all on the new PeopleSoft Update Manager.

And Finally…

Eggs and Bacon in a Doughnut?!?  

Dunkin’ Donuts is adding a doughnut breakfast sandwich to its national menu this week. Fast food menu changes wouldn’t normally catch our attention, but this one comes with fried eggs and bacon in a glazed doughnut! I don’t think we’ll get this in the UK, but we’d love to hear what the eating experience is like!

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