PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #41 – 14th May 2013

Issue #41 – 14th May 2013

News and Latest Developments

Documentary on Ellison’s America’s Cup victory

Understandably overshadowed by the tragic death of British sailor Andrew Simpson, a movie premiered last week called “The Wind Gods” documenting the victory by Ellison’s BMW/Oracle team in the prestigious America’s Cup in 2010.


Thomas Kurian: 10 Strategic Cloud Computing Insights

A high-level non-technical walkthrough of some of the benefits that can be gained by moving to the cloud by Thomas Kurian (Oracle’s Executive Vice President of Product Development).

Evaluating PS 9.2: Project Scope, Business Process Innovation, Organizational Change Management

Richard George from Cedar Crestone continues their blog series on PeopleSoft v9.2 with this post on Scoping, BPI and Change Management.


PeopleTools 8.53: Why upgrade?

Elisabeta Olteanu from the Systems Insights blog details the enhancements in PeopleTools 8.53. There have been a few similar lists, but this looks one of the more comprehensive.

PeopleTools Information Center

Within My Oracle Support it can sometimes be difficult to locate the exact information that you’re after. These Information Center pages offer an alternative method of navigation to the search functionality that allows you to quickly navigate to the area that you wish to investigate (support login required).

Integration Network WorkCenter 8.53: automated monitoring

Nicolas Gasparotto tries the setup for the new functionality in PeopleTools 8.53 which promised “Automated Network Status and Real-Time Notification of Errors”. The results are a mixed bag and may be tidied up in future versions.

PeopleSoft Test Framework

Randy from the Remote PS Admin blog walks us through the setup and configuration of the PTF tool. Some of this is documented in PeopleBooks, but Randy adds plenty of his own advice to make this a useful guide.

The first of two links in this newsletter for Steve Boese’s blog. Steve highlights a service that has appeared filling a gap in the market for reviews of Enterprise software. If it can become popular enough to gain a critical mass of reviews, then it could be a really useful tool in the vendor/software selection process. The actual site is available here.

The BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) app set the standard for mobile phone chatting, but until now it’s only been available on BlackBerry devices. Opening up to iOS and Android is a bold move, and we’re not sure how it’ll pan out. Will it encourage those that have only ever known iOS or Android to consider BlackBerry at renewal time, or is it removing one of the main reasons that BlackBerry acolytes stayed loyal?
We love a good infographic, and although this one is a little shorter than most there are some great stats in there … over half of the Fortune 100 run on PeopleSoft!

And Finally…

Trying to look better vs. trying to get better

Steve Boese’s blog is well worth adding to your feed reader. This post highlights the different approaches of those who spend time and effort to appear more knowledgeable, productive etc against those that concern themselves less with appearance and strive to improve.

We used to sleep twice each night 

A really interesting study into sleep patterns – as a result of both historical research and modern experimentation. It’s amazing that this hasn’t been more widely published.

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