PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #32 – 27th February 2013

Issue #32 – 27th February 2013

News and Latest Developments

Microsoft releases IE10 for Windows 7 

This is important news as many PeopleSoft clients will have standardised their corporate desktops on Windows 7 (and MS had previously said that IE10 was for Windows 8 only). It seems to work well with PeopleSoft and at first glance there don’t appear to be any broken objects. The Swan drop-down menu (8.50-52) looks a bit compressed but the newer Tangerine menu (8.53) looks fine. IE10 does seem to perform very snapily however.

Payroll for North America – Gets the job done

Kristen Emery writes on the PeopleSoft Apps Strategy blog about Payroll for North America. I don’t think there are any new announcements here, it’s a recap of the value of an accurate and stable system.


The PeopleSoft Answers blog has a description of how PeopleSoft calculates holiday hours during the Paysheet Process. It’s NA Payroll focused but there are ample screenshots to help others follow along (scroll down past the job adverts to view the content).


Using jQuery Sliders with PeopleSoft 

Sometimes it’s the smallest customisations that make the biggest difference. Succeeder Jez has written up a small customisation that has quite a visual and usability impact for the client. Simply by adding an element from jQuery UI he’s greatly improved the usability of a client page.

Why are JavaScript functions numbered?

Daniel Kibler has posted a part information piece/part question on the use of JavaScript within PeopleSoft and wants to know why the functions are numbered.

Visually Comparing Pages in App Designer

Chris Malek returns this week with an overview of the Compare/Merge pages functionality built into App Designer. It’s been built in to PeopleTools for quite a while now, but Chris is correct when he points out that most probably either don’t know about it or don’t use it as much as they could.


Principles of User Interface Design 

Some great guidelines from the bokardo blog on how to design your pages. If you have some free time in your tea break there are a lot of good articles on this site, including a great one on why people don’t copy from Apple.

Is Android Dead? 

Just when it is starting to look like Android is everywhere Fabrizio Capobianco (Founder/CEO of asks ‘Is Android Dead?’.

2013 ERP Research

An intriguing survey into the success/failure of some ERP projects. Although the numbers seem a little negative to us (a surprisingly high number go over budget or extend timescales) it’s pleasing that such a high proportion of clients feel that the end result is a success.

The most dangerous software on the planet

There’s an interesting piece on the Forbes website suggesting a candidate for the heady title of ‘World’s most dangerous software’. One of the aims of systems like PeopleSoft is to replace departmental spreadsheets, so it’s testament to its power and flexibility that it’s still ubiquitous.

And Finally…

The State of Cloud Storage in 2013

We love a good infographic and there are some amazing stats contained in this one eg. ‘For each person on the earth there are 142 objects stored in the cloud’.

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