PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #33 – 6th March 2013

Issue #33 – 6th March 2013

Thanks to Tonina from Computershare in Australia who was our 400th subscriber.

News and Latest Developments

Interaction Hub 9.1 Bundle #7 Released

Oracle have released patch number 7 for the Interaction Hub covering Oct 2011 to Jan 2013. The Interaction Hub is on the continuous delivery model so there may well be new functionality contained within, as well as bug fixes (support login required).

Collaborate 13 ‘Early Bird’ prices end tonight 

If you’re considering whether to attend the Collaborate Conference this year, you might want to register before the price goes up tonight.


These plugins have been around for a little while, but they’re one of the lower profile functionality additions to the suite. You install the plugin and it gives early warning of application specific issues that need attention. There are around 20 for different areas of HCM and Financials, and 10-15 for CRM, Campus, PeopleTools etc (support login required).

An interesting read, and a slightly different concept from what you’d initially think from the headline. It’s not to bribe selected poor performers to leave. All Zappos employees get offered $1,000 after being with the company 3 months, those who take it weren’t sufficiently engaged with the company.


Caps-lock on the PIA Sign-on page

Graham Smith (Tech Lead at Oxfam and Oracle ACE Director) blogs about a neat little customisation that helps reduce user frustration – written by one of his colleagues, Angela McKenna. It probably should be in the delivered product, to be honest.

When PeopleSoft Cache goes Bad

A great article from Randy of the Remote PSAdmin blog showing how to take a more measured and precise approach to troubleshooting cache issues than the ‘reboot everything and clear all cache’ method.

A Shortcut for Quick 3-tier Access

Succeeder Duncan shows a quick way of accessing App Designer via the App Server for those without Config Manager profiles already set-up.

Browse PeopleSoft with Vimium 

I’m going to wager that this isn’t going to be for everyone, but as an exercise in “it’s interesting to see what can be done” here’s an article from the PeopleSoft Wiki on the Vimium plugin for Chrome.


The most dangerous software on the planet (corrected link)

We included this article last week but the link was not working. Here is the correct link.


Powerview within Oracle Support

This video – found via the PSFT_Support Twitter account – shows how to use Powerview within My Oracle Support. This is handy functionality that I didn’t realise existed (support login required).

And Finally…

Products I Wish Existed

A great little blog full of examples of innovations that we should have – but don’t – or for improvements to products that we do have but are fundamentally broken in some way.

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