PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #31 – 20th February 2013

Issue #31 – 20th February 2013

News and Latest Developments

Statement of Direction for the Interaction Hub  

There is a new ‘Statement of Direction’ document for the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub (i.e. the Enterprise Portal). There are a few things to note, including the delivery model and free Restricted Use Licence.

This week there has been a hotly debated report from Forrester Research stating that customers aren’t moving to Fusion particularly quickly. One of the reasons given is that Oracle is keeping its promise to keep improving PeopleSoft and the other Applications Unlimited apps.

In a somewhat surprising development, Microsoft has backed Oracle in its fight against Google in the Java copyright case.


Succeeder Tam spotted that HCM 9.1 MP7 has been released.  It doesn’t form part of the media pack available from eDelivery and isn’t linked to on the Maintenance Schedule yet but is available from Patches & Updates on Oracle Support. Cumulative and Delta versions are available (support logon required).


Changing Your DB Platform: The Cutover Phase  

This is the latest post in Brent Martin’s series about changing your database platform from one platform to another.

Disabling Paste on an Input Field 

This is something that not everyone would want (as there are other ways of validating an email address than getting users to type it twice), however this is an example of easily adding some JavaScript into a page to alter functionality in a way that is not available in standard PeopleTools.

Troubleshooting Authorization Errors 

The Citagus Blog has an entry on troubleshooting the Authorization Errors that we’ve all seen at some point or other upon logon.


Trends in Interactive Design for 2013 

A great looking presentation filled with useful ideas. This isn’t just about style – although there is a lot of this too. Areas touched upon include the Metro UI, Google Now, Internet of Things and a great tool for responsive web design.


The 3 Habits of Great Creative Teams

Creativity is often thought of as the work of an individual, but it’s more often the result of an ensemble of diverse people. Keith Yamashita talks about Forces, Superpowers and Decisions.

And Finally…

How do mega VC firms choose who to invest in?  

The set of criteria that Andreessen Horowitz use to pick which start-ups to invest in. Some of the points sound counter-intuitive, but you can’t argue with their success. Also, some great historical quotes about the non-viability of Facebook, Amazon, Twitter etc.

The Next Workplace Revolution

There’s a ‘3rd place’ that sits between working from home and heading into the office. Will these environments lead to an increase in remote working?

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