PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #30 – 13th February 2013

Issue #30 – 13th February 2013

News and Latest Developments

PeopleSoft Named ‘Best in KLAS’ 

For the second year in a row, KLAS has named Oracle’s PeopleSoft Financials best Financials/ERP software in its “2012 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services” report.
The results of this years’ PeopleSoft salary survey, analysed by Derek ‘PeopleSoft Career Guy’ Tomei.
The first patch for PeopleTools 8.53 has been released (support login required). It’s quite usual to get a patch released within days of a new PeopleSoft version coming out and it is – of course – ‘required for install’.


Succeeder Jacki gives a thorough run-down of the contents of the most recent Global Payroll UK bundles. There are a lot of changes in Payroll legislation in the UK at the moment, and payroll clients need to have a strategy for implementing these changes.


Changing Your DB Platform: The Build Phase 

Brent Martin returns with a more in-depth look at the build phase of moving your PeopleSoft database from one platform to another.

How to scale Oracle on a very large basis

Andrew Oliver – self confessed NoSQL-er and Big Data Guy – shows how you can scale Oracle. It’s a decent run-down, covering RAC, Mirroring, GoldenGate, Partitioning, TimesTen and Coherence.

PeopleCode and Unzipping 

Succeeder Dave spotted this on the Digital Eagle blog. It’s some sample code that builds on a blog entry from Jim Marion to unzip a file in a platform independent manner.


Stick or Twist: Fusion or Apps Unlimited?

ZDNet’s Larry Dignan analyses a report from Forrester Research on whether customers are considering moving from their exising ERPs to Fusion Apps, or whether they’re sticking with the Applications Unlimited apps. He also considers whether Oracle is content with this, or may try to speed the migration.

I’m Chris Malek and this is how I work

Next up in the ‘How I Work’ series is Chris Malek, founder/president of Cedar Hills Group and a regular contributer to this newsletter.


PeopleSoft and Continuous Access to Innovation

A 10 minute video in which PeopleSoft Product Strategy Director Marc Weintraub discusses PeopleSoft Innovation and Oracle Support.

Actionable Operational Analytics

This Oracle produced Video Feature Overview demos what can be done with PeopleSoft Pivoting Technology. Pivot grids were available in 8.52, but they’re much improved in 8.53.

And Finally…

Agile vs Lean vs Waterfall 

There are many competing Project Management methodologies out there, but these are the main three. This lengthy article goes through the history of each, how they work and the pros and cons for each in certain situations.

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