PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #29 – 6th February 2013

Issue #29 – 6th February 2013

News and Latest Developments 

PeopleTools 8.53 released

The much awaited PeopleTools 8.53 is now generally available. From being involved with the beta program we can tell you that it’s packed full of must-have features and has a great new UI.
Matthew Haavisto has published a new Release Value Proposition for the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub Release 9.1/Revision 2 (it’s on the continuous delivery model so won’t move to 9.2).
Marc Weintraub has posted a reminder to book for the Collaborate Conference, held April 7th – 11th 2013 in Denver, Colorado.


The Mipro blog has detailed some of the imrpovements that they’ve spotted so far while looking at PeopleSoft Financials 9.2.

Cleaning up AWE entries for Absence and T&L

Jiju of HRoi Consulting has a short post showing how to clean up orphaned AWE entries.


Changing Your DB Platform: The Design Phase 

Brent Martin returns with a more in-depth look at the design phase of moving your PeopleSoft database from one platform to another.

PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Purge

Vijay from the Citagus blog shows how to configure the scheduled process that purges Process Scheduler report output.

Deleting Empty CREF Folder Permissions

Chris Malek of the Cedar Hills Group blog explains how to delete portal registry folders that have no contents.


Jim Marion’s New Book  

Jim ‘PeopleSoft Journal’ Marion has a new book out. This one – which he’s co-authored with Paula Dean – is aimed at those of us who do other roles in addition to development, be that Sys Admin, Quality Assurance, applier of patches/bundles etc. You can also hear from the authors here.

How Cloud Software Could Rain on Your Parade

Cloud software has many benefits for customers, but it doesn’t suit everyone. Examples include customers who find the ‘rapid release of updates’ too much to keep up with. “They found themselves in a cycle of nonstop testing, and it was overwhelming.”

An independent profile of Oracle

A 12 page PDF independent profile of Oracle as a company, its acquisitions, its corporate divisions and its strategy to take on IBM and HP.


PeopleSoft Work Centers

Shown in PeopleTools 8.53, this Oracle produced Video Feature Overview demos what can be done with PeopleSoft Workcenters.

And Finally…

A 23 year game of Tag 

This is a charming item about a group of guys who have found a way of bringing the fun they had together when they were young into their adult lives.

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