PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #26 – 16th January 2013

Issue #26 – 16th January 2013

News and Latest Developments

Oracle announces IaaS on premise 

Oracle IaaS enables organizations to deploy fully integrated Engineered Systems, including Oracle Exa-stack in their data centres (within their firewall) for a simple monthly fee.

Maria Ana Santiago from the PeopleSoft HCM team has an entry on the Apps Strategy blog looking at what was released last year, and what is coming in 2013.
There has been an update to the pre-release notes for Financials and Supply Chain v9.2 (support login required).


HR blogger Ahmed Limam gives 10 New Year’s resolutions for HR Leaders. The ‘Big Data can go and be big somewhere else’ line made us chuckle.

Oracle’s Matthew Haavisto has posted an FAQ document answering many of the questions regularly asked about the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub.


Amending the ‘Saved’ notification

Some end users miss the ‘saved’ notification as it’s in the top right corner of the screen. We’ve even moved it to the centre of the screen for one client. Shyam shows how you can alter the length of time that the notification is displayed.

How Programmers Read Code

There’s some cool research underway using eye tracking to compare how an experienced programmer looks at code compared to a novice. Instead of getting interviewees to write code, could Technical interviews of the future ask you to just look at it?


2012: When HR Technology vendors went on a shopping spree 

Jiju Vengal of HRoi Consulting looks back over the year and all of the acquisitions that took place. When they trickle through one-by-one you don’t really notice how many companies do get bought out.

HCM Innovation In The Cloud

Oracle’s Scott Ewart talks about HCM in the Cloud, giving some background and statistics on other companies thinking of moving to the Cloud.

100 Things to Watch in 2013

Steve Boese has posted a presentation on his blog with the top 100 trends to watch out for this year. You can flick through it quite quickly, but there are some real gems in there. Steve lists a few he likes, but we particularly like LaunchKey (number 70).

How I work

I’m Jiju Vengal and This is How I Work

Next up in the ‘How I Work’ series is Jiju Vengal of HRoi Consulting and the popular PeopleSoft HCM for You blog where he focuses mostly on Time and Labor and Absence Management.

And Finally…

Microsoft burgled, only Apple products stolen

In a somewhat embarrassing piece of news, burglars broke into Microsoft’s R&D building but only stole Apple iPads. It doesn’t say whether any MS tablets were left behind.

Watson and the Urban Dictionary 

The team looking after Watson – IBM’s famous artificial intelligence supercomputer – decided to upload the Urban Dictionary to its memory to help it better understand human communication. The only problem is Watson then started using the words itself, including swearing … so they had to remove it again.


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