PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #25 – 9th January 2013

Issue #25 – 9th January 2013

We’d like to wish a Happy New Year to all our readers.
Thanks to Phil from Placer County California who was our 350th subscriber.

News and Latest Developments

IE10 is now certified with PeopleSoft 

My Oracle Support now reflects browser support of IE 10 on Windows 8 with PeopleTools 8.51 and above, which allows end users to utilize Microsoft’s newest browser in a production environment (support login required).

Oracle is currently in the process of certifying both Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 with PeopleTools. Windows 8 will be certified as a end-user browser client and as a development client with PeopleTools 8.52 and above. Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012 will be certified with PeopleSoft’s server components, including the database, web and application servers (support login required).


It’s not listed on the maintenance schedule yet, but Bundle number 11 for HCM 9.1 was released on 31st Dec 2012 (support login required).


Integration Network WorkCenter and Statistics

Nicolas Gasparotto’s blog highlights how Integration Network WorkCenter interacts with statistics in Peopletools 8.52.

App Engine and Set Processing

Derek Tomei blogs on the advantages of using Set based processing over Row-by-Row processing.


Resolutions for 2013 

With 2013 upon us Steven Alexander from the Peoplesoft and SQR blog writes 13 PeopleSoft related resolutions for 2013. We particularly like number 10!

ERP Software and “Bolt-Ons”

Steven Phillips on the IT Toolbox blog points out the pros and cons of using a bolt-on module within their ERP package. He makes some good points, but be mindful that when he discusses the downsides a lot relate to where the data is stored outside of thePeopleSoft database, which wouldn’t be the case for many bolt-ons.

Samsung and Apple Market Domination 

Larry Dignan (ZDNet) provides and overview of how Samsung and Apple continue to dominate the smartphone landscape.


The latest schedule for PeopleSoft Advisor Webcasts

The schedule for Advisor Webcasts in 2013 has been updated (support login required). There are a lot of Payroll webcasts in the archive, and some good upcoming webcasts on PT8.5x security and upgrading to PeopleTools 8.53.

And Finally…

Most Popular Offices Of 2012

Stephen Searer tours workplaces, blogs pictures and reviews of the latest designs and trends in office design. Here are his top 25 offices from 2012. It will take a while to browse them all, but there are some amazing workplaces in here.

How to Attend a Conference

Peter Bregman is a strategic advisor to CEOs and their leadership teams. Here he provides an insight into how to feel at ease and How to Attend a Conference as Yourself.


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