PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #27 – 23rd January 2013

Issue #27 – 23rd January 2013

News and Latest Developments 

A Happy New Year from everyone at Succeed 

For anyone who missed the blog entry when it was published, we’d like to wish all the subscribers to the PeopleSoft Weekly a Happy New Year. Thank you for reading.

The UK Government is looking to consolidate its many different systems onto a few select Oracle ERP platforms.


Click to zoom in on a great infographic, on the methods and resources workers in 2013 will use for seeking their next career move. Why do more women search for a job on Facebook, whereas men look on LinkedIn?

A great blog entry on alternative methods for making queries available to your end users. We’re sure most companies will not have known about at least one of these.
Succeeder Jacki shows how to troubleshoot payroll errors when you’re using pointers.


Replatforming PeopleSoft 

After a long break – two years, we’ve missed you Brent! – the PeopleSoft Corner blog returns with an article giving some ideas about how to plan the effort if you decide to move from one platform to another (either to increase performance or decrease costs).

PeopleTools patches and password protection

Nicolas Gasparotto is relieved that Oracle no longer password protect PeopleTools patches. Now he just has one more thing to ask …

Application Classes and Global Variables

Chris Malek of the Cedar Hills Group blog explains why you should never use Global Variables in Application Class PeopleCode.


May the mathematicians inherit the tech world 

Vinnie ‘Deal Architect’ Mirchandani has a blog that’s well worth monitoring. In this post he suggests that the most influential role in implementations and selections – which for so long has been that of the accountant – may be about to wane in favour of the statisticians, a trend already in progress at Google and Amazon.

Which Best Practice is Ruining Your HR Shop?

Tim Sackett questions the adherence to best practices without first questioning whether the practice is still relevant and the assumptions upon which it is based.


A fun video on Oracle Cloud Computing

A great 4 minute video showing the power of the Oracle Public Cloud and the Oracle Private Cloud. This is worth watching for the digs at ‘niche cloud providers’ – “with the Oracle Cloud you’ll never find yourself in prison …”

And Finally…

Why is it that many of the best programmers find that they are at their most productive at night-time? Is there something that we can change about their working environment to enable them to replicate this in the office?

Sitting Is the Smoking of Our Generation

We all spend far too much time in front of a computer, and whilst some have made the transition to a standing desk, it may not be enough. Welcome to the next step … the walking meeting.

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