PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #24 – 19th December 2012

Issue #24 – 19th December 2012

This will be the last issue for 2012 but we will be back in January. In the meantime we hope you all have a Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year!

News and Latest Developments

Which vendors stood out in 2012 and why?

Oracle has posted some decent earnings for the 2013 Q2 quarter, exceeding most expectations. Software and cloud revenues were particularly strong, hardware a little less so. Oracle’s shares are up 28% this year.

Carolyn Cozart on the PeopleSoft Apps Strategy blog reassures those concerned about the impending tax changes that Oracle will deliver updates as soon as the IRS releases the required information.


Looking to plan your bundle / patching efforts for 2013? Oracle have published the release schedule for HCM in 2013 (linked above, support login required). Also available are Campus SolutionsFinancialsCRM and ELM. Some have more detail than others however, and there isn’t one for PeopleTools yet.


Error when comparing a project from file 

Succeeder Munsif has documented this issue in PeopleTools 8.52, and how to work around it.

Data Archival

This is the first entry in the PeopleSoft Weekly from the new blog by Kovaion Consulting. It explains archiving within PeopleSoft.


11 predictions for enterprise software in 2013

Predictions for the coming year, including a couple about Oracle and some more about competing vendors. It also ends with a great quote from Bill Gates.

How Developers are using the Cloud 

An analysis of the competing cloud vendors, and a snapshot of the market that Oracle Cloud is entering into. Amazon has 3 times the penetration of the number 2 vendor and massively outstrips the others in expected growth. It’s also interesting the Oracle’s Java is the second language for the cloud (after JavaScript), and knocks Python and Ruby into 3rd and 4th.

SaaS integration costly and challenging

ZD Net analyst Jamie Yap has written an interesting piece showing that the ease of integrating SaaS applications may be overstated. “While some SaaS vendors claim their applications are easily integrated with on-premise apps, the general feedback from the industry has been negative … The integration is not seamless”.


PeopleSoft Interaction Hub 

A new video on the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub. There’s some fresh content in here, including the auto-resizing windows zipping in from the left. It also shows what you get under the restricted use license.

And Finally…

The top 12 amusing technology quotes of 2012

Tech industry leaders and firms have come out with some interesting and funny quotes this year.

The Value of Time to Tinker 

We’re all envious of Google’s ‘20% time’, but when a company doesn’t allow time to innovate, is creativity stifled? Also, it seems LinkedIn has gone beyond the innovation time offered by Google, Apple, Atlassian etc.


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