PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #23 – 12th December 2012

Issue #23 – 12th December 2012

There was no PeopleSoft Weekly last week due to the UKOUG Conference, so this week is a double issue!

News and Latest Developments

Oracle have announced a new travelling roadshow running from January 2013 where senior Oracle staff will give further detail about the Oracle Cloud.

Oracle have published some new Video Feature Overviews taking the library to 26, of which 11 cover the new version 9.2 Applications (support login required).


Henry Tapper blogs about the success of the Pensions Auto-enrollment project at Morrisons (that Succeed were heavily involved in delivering).

Text trays within HR Helpdesk

Charlotte from Blogging About Oracle Applications has posted an entry about making an HR Helpdesk call center agents life easier with the use of text trays.

PeopleSoft Grants Webinar

The Oracle Apps blog is hosting a webcast on Friday 14th December on how to get maximum value from implementing the PeopleSoft Grants solution.


PeopleTools 8.52 Integration Network WorkCenter (part 2)

Nicolas Gasparotto continues his investigation into the WorkCenter to help setup and troubleshoot Integration Broker.

Broadcasting Notifications to logged in users

The Oracle OTN forum is a great place to go for help, but this must be the most detailed answer ever! Jim Marion gives a fully architected response to an interesting question on broadcasting to users, and there’s a good follow-up debate on polling and push/pull.

Add Shortcut key to Custom button in Peoplesoft

We don’t normally link to individual forum topics here, but this gem of knowledge is too small to warrant a blog post of its own but is still worth highlighting.


Is PeopleSoft to Fusion a no-brainer?

Emily Snider of TechTarget interviews industry analysts and talks to Succeeder Duncan to determine if now is the right time for PeopleSoft customers to make the jump to Fusion.

Project Horror Stories of 2012

Reading through this article, there have been some very expensive project failures in 2012. It’s reassuring that only one involved PeopleSoft.

Think Different – Think Android 

This is really big news for close followers of the mobile market. Long-time Apple employee and evangelist Guy Kawasaki has switched to Android and today uses no Apple mobile products. For such a high profile Apple supporter to make the switch is quite a coup for Google. Always one for a sharp quote, Kawasaki says “Apple’s slogan was `Think Different,’ but today if you think different you’re looking at Android.”

13 Big Data Vendors To Watch In 2013

It’s still early days of the big data movement but here are the 13 pioneering vendors that could be pushing big data analytics to the next level in the next 12 months.


Post OOW Mark Hurd Interview 

Mark Hurd talks about Oracle Cloud, playing catch-up with applications, Exa servers, massive storage, social and Oracle’s acquisition strategy.

An amusing video from Microsoft  

Not known for their humorous videos, this one will raise a smile. It’s part of their The browser you loved to hate campaign. This is pretty important for us in the PeopleSoft world as so many enterprises standardise on IE.

And Finally…

A Performance Management Discussion in 30 seconds

The Tim Sackett blog contains some real gems. This is one of the lighter items, but the chance to lessen the load of the Performance Review process would appeal to many.

The 4 most important skills for a Software Developer

What skills do you look for when hiring a tech? This article lists their top 4, and technical skills aren’t included.


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