PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #22 – 28th November 2012

Issue #22 – 28th November 2012

News and Latest Developments

An interview with Oracle President Mark Hurd outlines how he believes Oracle has to have more than just great technology, it needs to listen and respond to “truly partner with our customers.”


Create appealing Dashboards with PeopleTools 8.52

You can create multiple dashboards with PeopleTools 8.52 each aligned with different areas of the business. Even better, you can construct the dashboards from a mix of existing pagelets, query pagelets and pivot grids/charts, meaning that you don’t always need a techie to create a dashboard.

The PeopleSoft Internet Architecture explained

Much of this info will already be known to a lot of techs, but Derek Tomei provides an excellent overview for a newbie or an interested functional person.


Change Assistant agents reported as not running

Succeeder Duncan battles the EM Hub and Change Assistant, showing how to correct the error where CA incorrectly reports that all the agents aren’t running.

PeopleTools 8.52 Integration Network WorkCenter

Nicolas Gasparotto details how with PeopleTools 8.52 you can set up Integration Broker from a single component. There’s no more hopping between multiple menu items.

PeopleTools 8.52 Application Engine sets MODULE and ACTION

PeopleSoft performance guru David Kurtz explains how in PeopleTools 8.52, Application Engine has been enhanced to set the action to the full Application Engine step name.  It’s useful for those on Oracle DB and using either OEM or ASH.


“Bring Your Own Service” is the next big thing

The next step on from ‘Bring Your Own Device’ could be individuals using 3rd party mash-up services with corporate data. With services like IFTTTit’s very easy to get started with this exciting trend.

Thoughts on PeopleSoft, Oracle Fusion and Roadmaps

Mipro’s Anne Meyer gives her opinion on Fusion and the longevity of the PeopleSoftproduct line. “The future may be Fusion, but as far as Oracle is concerned, there is still a definite future for PeopleSoft.”

I’m Matthew Haavisto and this is how I work

Matthew Haavisto – Oracle’s “Strategy/Product Manager, PeopleTools” – is the first US-based PeopleSoft guru, and the first Oracle employee, to be profiled in the ‘How I work’ series.


Retailer’s Guide to Big Data 

We love infographics like this at Succeed. This one combines two of our favourite areas – retail and big data. Not only an interesting read, but contains some great statistics for using in presentations.

And Finally…

Stables and Volatiles

This blog is well worth bookmarking as it’s a trove of great opinion pieces. This one – on different personality types necessary to drive a company forwards – is a real gem.


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