PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #18 – 31st October 2012

Issue #18 – 31st October 2012

News and Latest Developments

Oracle at the HR Tech Conference

Natalia Rachelson covers the HR Tech Conference in Chicago, including the panel with some incredibly big names.


Highlights from the CX Summit @ OpenWorld

David Vap (Vice President, Applications Product Development) discusses the Oracle Customer Experience Summit – the first-ever event to cover the full breadth of Oracle’s CX portfolio.


Query for Component and/or CREF Navigation Take II

Jim Marion shows us a new query to give us the navigation to a content reference or menu/component/page (spotted by Succeeder David).

Steps to Implement Data Archive Manager

Pawan Mundhra covers the steps needed to setup Data Archive Manager.

NoSQL is no Oracle killer

A thoughtful piece on why the NoSQL movement isn’t going to put much of a dent in Oracle’s RDBMS business, but may have an impact on RAC.


This is how I work

The second in a new series of posts which aims to give a bit of insight into how some of the veterans in the industry approach their work. This week the spotlight falls on David Kurtz.


Version 9.2 Video Feature Overviews

There’s a series of short videos each giving an overview of new features in v9.2. The link above gives the master page, however these are the direct links for the HCM ones: PeopleSoft Update Manager, Work Centers and Life Events (support account required).

And Finally…

Now the real Jony Ive era begins

For the Apple acolytes – after the departure of Steve Jobs – the Apple employee closest aligned to the Jobs design ethos is undoubtedly Jonathon Ive. He’s just received a large promotion and now holds responsibility for far more aspects of the Apple suite of products.

Lots of new features from Prezi 

When you tire of PowerPoint or Keynote, the first product to check out is Prezi. They’ve just introduced a slew of new features and an improved UI.


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