PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #17 – 24th October 2012

Issue #17 – 24th October 2012

News and Latest Developments

Oracle have released ADF Mobile, the new HTML5 and Java-Based Framework which enables developers to build Mobile Applications for multiple platforms, including iOS and Android.

For the second year running, Succeed scooped Gold at the UKOUG PeopleSoft Partner of the Year competition. It makes us especially proud as it’s voted for by our customers, so thank you all who participated.


The Fusion Weekly newsletter is coming …

The Fusion Weekly newsletter is getting ready for launch. If you want to stay as informed about the world of Fusion as you are about PeopleSoft, head to website to sign-up.


Future Dated Security and Actions

The HROI blog shows how you can lose security access to employees after assigning them to a Pay Group.


Oracle’s solution to Big Data

Mark Hurd discusses the Big Data Appliance, and why all the ‘big players’ are standardizing on Hadoop.

Oracle Security Advisory

Succeeder Tim spotted that the October 2012 Oracle Critical Patch Updates are out, including updates for PT8.50, PT8.51, and PT8.52, and for Campus Solutions 9.0. There are also fixes for very serious (CVSS 10) bugs in Oracle database and Java, and a serious (CVSS 9) bug in MySQL.

SQL to check for user permissions

Pawan Wadhwa has posted a few SQL scripts showing how you can quickly find whether a user has access to certain portal content references.


This is how I work

The first in a new series of posts which aims to give a bit of insight into how some of the veterans in the industry approach their work.

And Finally…

Inside Google’s Data Centres

Succeeder Callum spotted this nice blog entry/video on Google’s data centres. You can even use Street View controls to navigate the interior – a possible future method for selling your house?

Deconstructing Recommender Systems

Have you ever wondered how the system Amazon, Netflix etc use to recommend other items or shows to you actually works? How could we use this in PeopleSoft? “Other employees you might want to fire are …”


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