PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #19 – 7th November 2012

Issue #19 – 7th November 2012

News and Latest Developments

There’s a lot of strong content in the PeopleSoft streams at the upcoming UKOUG conference. We have speakers from Oracle, from partners like Grey Heller and Succeed, and clients like Cambridge Uni, Hays, Oxfam and Quintiles over the 3rd/4th December.


An Intro to Time and Attendance

Jiju Vengal of HRoi Consulting has posted his presentation on PeopleSoft Time and Attendance. He has also posted a podcast on Enrolling Employees in PeopleSoftTime and Labor.

Time and Labor in HCM9.2

In what has been a prolific week for Jiju, he’s posted Part One of his series on the various new features proposed in version 9.2 of PeopleSoft HCM for the Time and Labor module and his take on how useful they will be.

PeopleSoft Approval Workflow Engine Part 1

On the PeopleSoft Answers blog there is a two part series on PeopleSoft AWE (Approval Workflow Engine). Part One is linked to above, click here to read Part Two (scroll down past the job adverts to read the article).


An Introduction to Big Data

Succeeder Munsif defines what is meant by the term Big Data, how it is characterised, where it comes from and how to best utilise it.

Bypassing the Search Record 

Chris Malek from the Cedar Hills Group demonstrates the steps to bypass a standard PeopleSoft search page – ideal for Self Service pages or where you want a different search experience.


HR Tech Conference write-up 

Mike Krupa was at the HR Tech conference in Chicago last month and gives a nice summary of what the vendors were focusing their message on.

I’m Hakan Biroglu and this is how I work

Hakan – from the Blogging about Oracle Applications blog – is the next up in the ‘how i work’ series.


PeopleSoft Video Feature Overviews

We’ve featured some of these before, but John Webb has posted a more complete list on the PeopleSoft Apps Strategy blog. There are 33 individual videos listed, each around 6 minutes in length.

And Finally…

What makes an engineer senior?” 

There’s some great thinking coming out of the team at Etsy, and this is no exception. They argue that becoming a Senior Engineer is not just a matter of years of experience, but more maturity of approach and mindset.

Can your engineers be too ‘senior’?

Also riffing on the theme of seniority (but this time in terms of age) with the recent upsurge in new-ish language frameworks like jQuery, Rails, Django etc do older engineers stick with programming or move into management roles? There was also a viewpoint from Vivek Haldar of Google.

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