PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #16 – 17th October 2012

Issue #16 – 17th October 2012

News and Latest Developments

Whilst speaking at the HR Technology Conference in Chicago, Oracle President Mark Hurd reassured HR Execs that PeopleSoft still has a strong future. He also confirmed that – far from petering out – the PeopleSoft contingent was the largest for any platform at OpenWorld.
Is Larry Ellison about to splash out again? AEG owns the Millennium Dome (now called the O2 Arena) in London – the World’s busiest music arena. What are the odds on it being re-christened the Exa-dome?

PDFs of the presentations given at OpenWorld are now available for download. Unlike other years you can still get the content even if you didn’t attend as there is no logon required to access the site.


Payroll Process Changes Due to RTI

Succeeder Jacki continues her series on PeopleSoft changes for the new UK HMRC rules.


Manipulating zip files with PeopleCode 

Jim Marion’s always-useful blog has a new entry on using Java within PeopleCode to handle zip files. Jim’s post also includes a link to Chris Rigsby’s blog post on using Groovy within PeopleTools.


Oracle Social Network Videos

Here are some videos on the imminent Oracle Social Network. Some of the content (presence, chatting, following etc) will be very familiar to those of the ‘Facebook generation’, but it’s good to see that they’re all in version 1 of the product.


iPads and the future of Enterprise Software

This blog article – pointed out by John Palethorpe – discusses use of the tablet with Enterprise software, concluding that the Windows Tablet (rather than Android or iPad) will be the eventual winner.

The Larry Ellison Translation Guide for Business People

Confused by Larry’s tech-heavy messages? This small translation guide will help you make business sense out of Larry Ellison’s OpenWorld musings.

How NetSuite Kept Larry Ellison Off their Turf 

Larry has large interests in both Oracle and NetSuite, so how do they avoid a collision course?

And Finally…

Uninvited Redesigns

We love the concept behind this. Designers pick a site that they think needs a new look and showcase their talents. It’d be interesting to see a redesign of the PeopleSoft UI.

Who won the ‘conference game’?

Stefan Ried from Forrester research compares OpenWorld to DreamForce. Some of the scoring seems a bit off (Larry’s keynote on Sunday was a triumph, with very clear messaging (“Social, Mobile, Cloud”) so the overall result should probably have been a tie), it’s a good read however.

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