PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #15 – 10th October 2012

Issue #15 – 10th October 2012

News and Latest Developments

Marc Weintraub announced at OpenWorld that the extended support for PeopleSoft v9.0 applications (HCM, FSCM and CRM) has been extended until June 2015 (probably mirroring the slip in release of PeopleSoft v9.2 apps). Extended support fees have also been waived. The same goes for PeopleSoft v9.1 and 2017.
@lex from the Siebel Essentials blog noticed that the Oracle Cloud now contains a lot more content, and gives a run-down of the options.


Version 9.2 Applications Pre-Release notes

The pre-release notes are out for PeopleSoft v9.2 HCM and FSCM (support login required).


Succeed’s OpenWorld Session

Last week Steve and Duncan gave a session at Oracle OpenWorld on the PeopleSoft UI and mobile. This write-up shows how it went.

The difference between Workcenters, Dashboards, and the Interaction Hub

Matthew Haavisto of the PeopleSoft Technology Blog explains the differences between Workcenters and Dashboards and the Interaction Hub.

Larry Zagata for the Mipro blog has a quick video walking through the steps needed to create a Pivot Grid.


5 minute CNBC interview with Larry

Larry Ellison talks about Oracle’s priorities, future plans, his best friend Steve Jobs and what he intends to do with some of his houses.


Which visionary invented the cloud?

Was it Ellison/Oracle, NetSuite or Benioff/Salesforce? It sounds like it all came from a meeting the three of them had a long time ago.

Oracle Transformed – It’s All about the Cloud

Covering Oracle’s reinvention into a cloud provider. There’s also discussion over whether Oracle’s high-end Exadata cloud approach is preferable to Amazon’s use of commodity hardware here.

Reports of my demise …

John Eckersley provides some facts to refute the doomsayers.

And Finally…

The Oracle Social Network and Flying Monkeys 

Some of the AppsLab came up with a fun diversion at OpenWorld to highlight the Oracle Social Network and ease of integration.

Using your digits

In the future, could you hire and fire employees using just a gesture?

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