PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #14 – 3rd October 2012

Issue #14 – 3rd October 2012

News and Latest Developments

Oracle announce the Mobile Expenses and Mobile Approvals tablet/smartphone web apps. Also in the linked article are a couple of YouTube videos showing how the application will look.

HCM 9.1 – PeopleSoft Mobile Company Directory 

Oracle announce the Mobile Company Directory tablet/smartphone web app. The above article contains some screenshots and there’s a nice video.

Announcements from Larry’s Keynote

There were a number of important announcements during Larry’s opening keynote at OpenWorld. Succeed’s Duncan identifies the main points.


Moving Student Center to the Homepage

Larry from GreyHeller shows how Stony Brook University split out the Student Centre page into homepage pagelets.

Oracle’s Carolyn Cozart lists some of the Absence Management White Papers that are available.


PeopleSoft Query with Ruby

Chris Malek from the Cedar Hills Group shows how to access aPeopleSoft Query using Ruby over HTTP.

iOS6 and PeopleSoft

Chris from GreyHeller has checked out the iOS6 caching bug and concludes that it doesn’t have any impact on PeopleSoft.


Fusion Tap – Increasing the velocity of business

If you watch one thing this week, make it this. A very, very impressive video detailing Oracle’s 3-pronged attack on the mobile market (web applications, native tablet applications and native smartphone applications). Includes a couple of amusing digs at SalesForce and Workday.

From Dreamforce – Branson and Benioff

It’s an hour long, but a really interesting chat between Salesforce’s Marc Benioff and Virgin’s Richard Branson.


Node.js is taking over the Enterprise 

The question nowadays is not whether or not Node will break out of its so-called “hipster hacker” bubble, but rather how much of the digital world it will conquer … a lot of the most interesting stuff might be at a Walmart or an Oracle.

And Finally…

An Analysis of Common PIN Numbers

Succeeder Simon spotted this excellent article analysing the popularity of some PIN Numbers, superbly mashed up with some excellent visualisations and a couple of XKCD comics.


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