PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #13 – 26th September 2012

Issue #13 – 26th September 2012

News and Latest Developments

Amongst a host of teaser announcements for what he’ll reveal at OpenWorld, Larry Ellison has stated that an ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ (IaaS) offering is coming. This would put Oracle in direct competition with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Excitingly, Larry also mentioned the multi-tenancy features in the upcoming Oracle Database 12c product.

Larry’s pay hits $96m

Larry’s pay leapt 24 percent last year to an impressive $96m (which puts him approximately 1/5 of the way to saving up for his next Hawaiian island). Safra Catz and Mark Hurd both topped $50m.


A First for CRM at Oracle OpenWorld

This is the first year that OpenWorld will feature Fusion CRM customers who’re actually live on the product. Adam May, Director of Fusion CRM gives his highlights.

PeopleSoft Business Process Maps

The homepage for PeopleSoft Business Process Maps (HCM, CRM, FSCM and ELM), posted by Kyle Benson on twitter (@kbenson).


PeopleSoft Test Framework and IE9 issues 

Lee Greffin describes how he overcame an issue with the PeopleSoft Test Framework and Internet Explorer 9.

History Of Browser-Based PeopleSoft

Chris from Grey Heller reminds us all how PeopleSoft started using the browser to deliver its content.


What/Who is PeopleSoft Information Development?

A short YouTube video introducing the PeopleSoft InfoDev team and the initiatives that they’re behind.


PeopleTools gems at OpenWorld 2012

The PeopleSoft Technology Blog gives a run-down of the sessions that you don’t want to miss at OpenWorld. Make sure you find a space in your schedule for the 2nd session on your list – Steve and Duncan from Succeed will be talking alongside Oracle’s Matthew Haavisto.

Oracle using Pinterest

It’s not clear whether this is the work of PeopleSoft Information Development (mentioned above), but Oracle is expanding its Social Media reach and has come up with an inventive use for the latest industry shooting-star – Pinterest.

And Finally…

The Secret Phrase Top Innovators Use

How do Google, Facebook and IDEO jumpstart the process that leads to innovation? Can you guess the phrase that starts it all?


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