PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #12 – 19th September 2012

Issue #12 – 19th September 2012

News and Latest Developments

Oracle acquires SelectMinds

Another week, another acquisition. For those who thought the tie-in between Enterprise Software and Social Media was mostly within CRM it might be time to reconsider. Oracle have purchased SelectMinds, a company specialising in using Social Media to improve the quality of referrals and to further the reach of job adverts.


Real-time information for HMRC

Succeeder Jacki writes about the upcoming changes in the UK for reporting information to HMRC and how this affects PeopleSoft Payroll.

New HCM9.1 Bundle and GP Update

There have been a couple of new releases for PeopleSoft HCM that have appeared on the Support site over the last week or so, including HRMS 9.1 Bundle #10 and Global Payroll 9.1 Update 2012-C (support login required).


New Paper on the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub 

The PeopleSoft Interaction Hub (the new name for the Enterprise Portal) will work best when used with PeopleTools 8.52 and upwards, but it is possible to use it with earlier versions. This document sets out exactly which functionality you gain by using the Interaction Hub with each PeopleTools version.

Guaranteeing Process Start Time

Chris Malek examines why process set to start at a certain time can sometimes not start until much later.


Logica’s PeopleSoft Hackathon

This sounds like it would be a lot of fun to be involved with. 14 Logica employees had a two-day PeopleSoft hackathon to investigate and build something new on PeopleSoftfrom a mixture of known and unknown technologies. John van der Kooij gives a run-down of how their event was structured, what they focussed on and the end result.

Use of Social Media within HR

This study examines the use of LinkedIn, Twitter and FaceBook

within the Enterprise. The integrated social and collaboration services within Oracle WebCenter also get a mention. We found the second half of the linked PDF to be most interesting as it shows the areas where social can have the most influence in the future, and ends with a graph showing the revenue increase for social media savvy employees.


The simplicity of the Oracle Stack

A short but enjoyable video showing how the pieces of Oracle’s stack fit together. There’s no new announcements here, but it’s a wonderfully simple explanation of their strategy.

And Finally…

The World’s biggest database – and it’s not on Oracle

Google has unveiled ‘Spanner’, a globe spanning database. It appears to be optimised more for reading than writing,so would be more applicable to BI reporting than transactional ERP systems like PeopleSoft. It’s an interesting product however.


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