PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #11 – 12th September 2012

Issue #11 – 12th September 2012

News and Latest Developments

Oracle Sues CedarCrestone

In a move that surprised many, Oracle filed a lawsuit this week alleging that longtime services partner CedarCrestone was stealing Oracle software for use in its services offerings. This is notable as CedarCrestone are a much closer partner than the two previous recipients of lawsuits (TomorrowNow and Rimini St).


Five ways to save Payroll costs

John Eckersley – one of the UK’s most experienced payroll consultants – shows how to keep unnecessary complexity out of your payroll implementation.

A series of UPK posts

Michael Van Adrichem has added a 6th post to his series on the User Productivity Kit.


PeopleSoft UI Highlights

Jeff Robbins – Senior Director of PeopleSoft Development – discusses the areas of the UI that are changing with the upcoming releases of PeopleSoftapplications and PeopleTools.


Paco’s letter

Paco Aubrejuan – Oracle’s SVP for PeopleSoft – has published an open letter to PeopleSoft customers who are attending OpenWorld.

Advisor Webcasts for PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft guru Hakan Biroglu has posted to the Blogging About Oracle Applications blog reminding us that Advisor Webcasts are a great source of info.

And Finally…

Larry’s Americas Cup Preparation 

We had no idea the America’s Cup yachts had so many sensors, displays and a database!

Another great visualisation

At Succeed we love to see an interesting set of data that’s presented in a novel way. This is the best we’ve seen in a little while. The dataset is the popularity of surnames in different London boroughs, and one glance (once you’ve dragged the slider to the left) shows more than a paragraph of text could.


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