PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #6 – 1st August 2012

Issue #6 – 1st August 2012

Our final ‘internal beta’ newsletter. Comments and feedback welcome – email

News and Latest Developments

UBS picks Fusion HCM

UBS the Global Investment Bank and long-term user of PeopleSoft has selected

Fusion Applications as its next HCM system. The factors that determined the choice – ahead of competing cloud HCM vendors – was the breadth of functionality that Fusion provides and the security model.

Oracle buys Xsigo for software-defined networking

Oracle has acquired Xsigo software, enabling its cloud operation to pool and share capacity between Virtual Machines. Could this mean that Oracle isn’t going to push multi-tenancy and will instead have a single-tenant architecture, but with shared resources?

Fusion Tap Is Now On The Apps Store!

Fusion Tap is the application that iPad owners can use to access Fusion HCM and CRM. Although you need a SaaS account to use it properly, there is a demo mode so you can swipe and tap your way through and get a good idea of what it’ll be like. As a first version, it’s very, very nice.


Is Salesforce the future of HCM?

With the acquisition of performance review ‘cool kid’ Rypple and the appointment of John ‘Mr Enterprise’ Wookey to run it, is Salesforce serious about HR?


Watermarks on BI Publisher Reports

David Wiggins – one of Succeed’s premier Techs – demonstrates how a watermark can be applied to a BI Publisher report.

Report to window option not appearing

Duncan Davies – Succeed’s CTO – has noticed on a couple of recent installs the Report to Window option is no longer enabled by default. Here he walks through how to fix it.


Managing remote teams

With mixed on-site/off-shore teams becoming more prevalent, here’s how to ensure that everyone works as a team regardless of geographic location.

Netflix open sources Chaos Monkey

“By frequently causing failures, we force our services to be built in a way that is more resilient.”

Netflix has opened Chaos Monkey to the world. Although we suspect no PeopleSoft customers have architecture on the scale of Netflix, it’s an interesting method of testing resilience to outage. We’re looking forward to reading about Janitor Monkey too.

And Finally…

UKOUG PeopleSoft Partner of the Year Competition

Succeed were honoured to win the coveted UKOUG PeopleSoft Partner of the Year competition last year. The award is voted for by end users, which made us particularly proud. This year, we’re hoping to retain our crown. If you like our work or what we stand for, head over to the link above to vote. Thanks!


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