PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #7 – 8th August 2012

Issue #7 – 8th August 2012

News and Latest Developments

Elizabeth Arden selects Fusion HCM

One of the most established names in the beauty industry – and long-term PeopleSoft customer – Elizabeth Arden has implemented Fusion HCM in the Oracle Cloud. After evaluating SaaS HCM vendors they selected Fusion for its global presence, ability to grow to fit future HR functional needs at the company, the ease of installation without customization, and Oracle’s reputation as a leader in HCM solutions.

SAP agrees to pay Oracle $306 million in TomorrowNow case

SAP has agreed to pay Oracle US$306 million in connection with the corporate-theft case that Oracle filed against it and a former SAP subsidiary in 2007. However, it wasn’t a perfect week for Oracle as they suffered a setback when a Californian court ruled that they are in breach of a contract with Hewlett-Packard Co.


PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 RVP – Absence Management feature analysis

A nice breakdown of what is outlined in the RVP for HCM 9.2 for the Absence Management module, and what they view as missing. The HRoi bloggers had a busy weekend as they also posted on Some known limitations of PeopleSoft Delegation Framework and PeopleSoft Delegation framework and Leave of Absence.

Tools and Code

Simplify your PeopleSoft Trace files with TraceMagic

This is a newly released tool that seems to be a rewrite of the old PSTraceViewer. It sometimes struggles with large files, but shows potential (and they provide the source code if you wish to tweak it). A MOS account is required if you want to try it (download the .zip and look under \bin\release).


ERP implementation benchmark: Comparing SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft

The above article is a good summary but it’s worth also reading the full report here. There are some interesting findings, including the average ERP payback is 2.4 years, and that the highest proportion of Oracle’s customers say that they have realised 51-80% of the projected benefits. Interestingly the average implementation cost as a percentage of revenue for SAP is almost double that for implementing Oracle. Here’s an accompanying video which gives more statistics, including how much cheaper Oracle is than SAP on average (watch here).

The Enterprise Tablet Market Shifts to Android

Currently the iPad dominates the Enterprise Tablet market with a 60% share. Not so long ago the same was true in the smart-phone market and now Android phones outsell iPhones 2-to-1. Will the same happen in the tablet market?


GreyHeller’s “Advanced Query Tips And Techniques” Webinar

The guys from GreyHeller (ex-GreySparling, and needing no introduction) have kindly uploaded one of their regular series of Webinars to view at your leisure. It’s 50 minutes of great content, although if you’re in the office you’re going to need headphones to get full value from it.

TechCrunch’s Alex Williams explains 5 reasons why the enterprise software market keeps his interest.


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