PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #5 – 25th July 2012

Issue #5 – 25th July 2012

Our fifth ‘internal beta’ newsletter. Comments and feedback welcome –

News and Latest Developments

UKOUG PeopleSoft Conference Call for Papers 

The call for papers has opened for the PeopleSoft Conference to be held in the ICC, Birmingham on Mon 3rd / Tues 4th December 2012. There are two streams of content over the 2 days, covering HCM, GP, Technology and Financials, plus the opportunity to cross into the main conference for sessions of interest (BI, Fusion, Database etc).

Workday secretly files for IPO

Workday – one of the more recent competitors to PeopleSoft in the HCM space – has filedfor a secret public listing, suspected to be sometime in October. Founded by former PeopleSoft execs David Duffield and Aneel Bhusri, Workday has become a thorn in Oracle’s side, with Larry taking the time to name them in a recent interview. Perhaps he’ll buy some shares …

UKOUG PeopleSoft Partner of the Year Competition

Succeed were honoured to win the coveted UKOUG PeopleSoft Partner of the Year competition last year. The award is voted for by end users, which made us particularly proud. This year, we’re hoping to retain our crown. If you like our work or what we stand for, head over to the link above to vote. Thanks!

Market Trends

Proof we’re in a post-PC era

The team at Grey Heller have some figures on why tablets and mobile are king, and why PC sales are ‘resetting to a lower baseline’. They also have a follow-up post tying the above opinion with recent figures from eBay.


Rethinking the Business of HR 

One of Oracle’s rising stars – Humair Ghauri – discusses the challenges facing HR in the coming years, and how we need to adapt to remain effective.


Tools Patches, Zips and Passwords

The recent change in the Oracle Support site has meant a number of changes in the way that we accomplish some tasks. How we locate and download PeopleTools patches is one of those.

VM Templates Under Oracle Enterprise Linux

Following on from Jim Marion’s posts on converting the ‘bare metal’ VM Templates into VMs that can run under a host operating system, the team at Logica are promising a series of step-by-step posts detailing the process.


Is NoSQL a threat to Oracle?

Does the rising popularity of NoSQL databases such as CouchDB, MongoDB and Hbase pose a threat to the traditional Relational Database vendors, and to Oracle (which potentially stands to lose more than most)?

User Interface design at Toyota

It’s always nice to see a truly great UI, but it’s even more valuable when someone walks you through the process of creating it. As you scroll down the page you can appreciate the amount of effort through meetings, discussions and debate that went into each of the iterations.

And Finally…

New Programming Jargon

Every client has its own set of terminology specific to that business, but we love this list of programming jargon. There’s a few that will be added to Succeed vocabulary.


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