PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #4 – 18th July 2012

Issue #4 – 18th July 2012

Our fourth newsletter. Comments and feedback welcome.

News and Latest Developments

HCM 9.2 Release Value Proposition published

Oracle has published the Release Value Proposition detailing what will be in HCM 9.2. The document is linked to above (support login required).

Marissa Mayer becomes CEO of Yahoo

Marissa was one of the most public faces of Google, having joined in 1999 as employee number 20 and the company’s first female engineer. She held key roles in Google Search, Images, News, Maps, Gmail and oversaw the layout of Google’s famous homepage. The helm of Yahoo is a huge role, but she carries a lot of goodwill with her. Marissa is an inspiration to many women in our industry, leading one of the biggest companies in the world whilst only 37 and pregnant!

UKOUG PeopleSoft Partner of the Year Competition

Succeed were honoured to win the coveted UKOUG PeopleSoft Partner of the Year competition last year. The award is voted for by end users, which made us particularly proud. This year, we’re hoping to retain our crown. If you like our work or what we stand for, head over to the link above to vote. Thanks!


Fusion Core HR and Employment Terms

Jacki W, one of Succeed’s HCM and GP experts, has run the rule over Fusion’s use of the PeopleSoft ‘person model’ and how it has been tweaked with the introduction of Employment Terms.


Creating a quick BI Publisher Report Using PeopleCode

David Wiggins – one of Succeed’s premier Techs – shows just how simple it is to create a BI Publisher report using just 7 lines of PeopleCode.


Oracle on its knees?

It wasn’t long ago that Oracle seemed to be going from strength to strength; with several successful outcomes in the European Court, completion of its 75th acquisition and a share price at a 10 year high to name a few. However, with the recent blows how will Oracle respond?

Highest paid Valley Executives

Larry Ellison may have a reputation for being a top earner, but Apple CEO Tim Cook earned $378 million compensation in 2011, becoming the highest paid valley executive for 2011. Unfortunately for him most of his money is in restricted stock and not a gigantic pile of cash (so he’ll have to wait a little longer to buy an Hawaiian island).

And Finally…

Top 10 reasons Darth Vader was just an amazing Project Manager

Are all Project Managers evil dictators? Of course not, but here’s why one notorious evil dictator was just a misunderstood Project Manager.


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