PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #3 – 11th July 2012

Issue #3 – 11th July 2012

Our third newsletter. Comments and feedback welcome.

News and Latest Developments

Second court defeat for Oracle

Following hot on the heels of their defeat by Google, Oracle has suffered yet another setback by losing to UsedSoft. The EU Court ruled that clients are free to resell their Oracle licenses in the same manner that they are their hardware.

Acquisition of Involver by Oracle

Oracle has said that it has acquired Involver, a company that focuses on Social Markup Language and development platforms. According to Oracle this is technology that will be used to market brands through social media and used to manage campaigns across the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

Tools and Code

PeopleTools 8.53 RVP

Oracle has published the Release Value Proposition detailing what will be in PeopleTools 8.53. The document is linked to above (support login required).


Two Changes to the Oracle Support Site

Oracle is about to make two changes to its support website. One is a welcome step forwards, however the other presents a challenge to those not moving to Tools 8.53 soon.

A comparison of PeopleSoft and Fusion Organisation Structures

One of Succeed’s Senior Functional Consultants compares the model for Organisation Structures as we’re used to them in PeopleSoft against how they’ll be setup in Fusion.

Highlights from the PeopleTools 8.53 RVP

A summary of the more important points revealed in the Release Value Proposition.


BashMobile for PeopleSoft Campus

There’s a new product available that enables Campus Solutions customers to allow their students to access useful areas of the system via their mobiles. The headline above links to a YouTube demo video. Their website can be found here.

And Finally

A good day for science, but not slide design

This week jubilant scientists discovered the God particle. However, for some, the most shocking revelation to come out of CERN’s announcement was unrelated to the science itself. Rather, that the powerpoint used the Comic Sans font.

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