PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #64 – 4th December 2013

Issue #64 – 4th December 2013

News and Latest Developments

Australian University building PeopleSoft Private Cloud 

Australian National University (comprised of 8 universities) is building a private cloud for hosting its PeopleSoft applications (HCM, Student Admin and Financials) – alongside other systems.

IBM and Bridgestone wrangle over failed ERP

A legal dispute between Bridgestone tyres and IBM over a failed ERP implementation has escalated into an acrimonious public war of words. Bridgestone hired IBM to rollout SAP, however after spending $75 million it failed upon going live. Bridgestone was forced to hire SAP directly to fix problems that IBM allegedly created. Bridgestone filed a lawsuit against IBM for $600 million, claiming $200 million in business losses and treble damages for fraud.

CRM 9.1 Patch Bundle 15 released

Oracle has released Bundle #15 for PeopleSoft CRM 9.1. (Support logon required)


Upgrading to 9.2 part 3 – Eliminate Customisations

Shamus Kahl (Senior Practice Director, Oracle Consulting) opines that elimination of customisations reduces complexity and enables easier take-up of newer functionality. It’s a sentiment that few would argue with, however very few clients go-live on a fully vanilla system and the opportunity to create carefully written and well documented improvements is something most clients deem essential.

Automatic Case Creation in HR Helpdesk

‘TruptiG’ on the Hexaware blog discusses and walks through the process of enabling automatic case creation in PeopleSoft CRM HR Helpdesk.


Compare Reports – Generating HTML Output 

Wade ‘Smart Panda’ Coombs talks us through the process of generating HTML Output from your Compare Reports and shares how he makes the output available to others on the project. Wade is also starting up a newsletter of his own which you can sign up for on his site.

Mouse over Popups

There’s a post on the Citagus blog covering the functionality in the new mouse-over popup pages, what the display options are and the limits to what you can add without customisation.


US Police Force pay Bitcoin Ransom 

Massachusetts police have admitted to paying a bitcoin ransom after being infected by the Cryptolocker ransomware. The virus encrypts your hard-drive and demands a ransom to return your data. The choice is either to pay up or revert to a backup, which embarrasses those without recent backups ….

Non-Creepy Networking

Jessica Hische has a really interesting and well written post about how to network effectively and how to not ‘be creepy’. Much of it comes down to just being genuinely interested in the person rather than what they can offer you, it’s still a great read though.

The secret of the Cold War Nuclear launch codes

During the Cold War nuclear missiles were installed at strategic locations around the world, but there was a top-secret launch code to prevent enemy agents or rogue commanders firing the missiles without proper authorisation. This launch code was the same for 20 years, but what was it?


Paco Aubrejuan (SVP of the PeopleSoft product line) discusses the changes made to the product delivery model for the 9.2 releases and beyond. It’s really interesting to hear Paco speak and to explain the thinking behind the changes. It’s well worth watching.

And Finally…

Amazon and the Flying Drones 

Amazon has got a lot of people talking this week by sharing the concept of replacing the delivery driver with flying drones, and have an aim to get your order to you within 30 minutes. It’s still a number of years off, but it’s a great glimpse into the future (will it be the norm to get your pizza delivered by drone?).

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