PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #56 – 4th September 2013

Issue #56 – 4th September 2013

News and Latest Developments

New VirtualBox instances released

Oracle have made available the next round of VirtualBox instances for HCM and Financials. These images are what customers on the latest App and Tools versions will be using with PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM), (Support Login required).

Open World

HCM @ OpenWorld 

Oracle are hosting an extra stream at OpenWorld this year. They’ve announced the new ‘HCM @ OpenWorld’ programme held in separate locations from the main conference and designed specifically for those with a focus on HCM.

A nice little article pointed out by Siddhartha Chaturvedi. It covers the recent changes in CRM systems, and what the next big leap is going to be. Much of this also applies to HCM too.

A post by Eric Noack on the Animato blog on what exactly it means when a metric is ‘actionable’, and how it makes a difference to the usefulness of the data displayed.

A post by Satesh Kumar on the Hexaware blog about the Moneyball movie and how it’s related to big data and analytics.


nVision – Excel cannot access the file

There’s a new post by Lee Greffin on an issue with nVision and DFS.


The public versus hybrid cloud Rorschach test

What you do you see when you look at the cloud? An interesting exchange between VC and Internet giant Marc Andreessen (a big public cloud proponent) and Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware (who obviously favours a hybrid cloud solution).

The Truth About Marissa Mayer 

This is a fascinating ‘unauthorised biography’ of Marissa Mayer, the ex-Googler who was behind many of its biggest products and who is now the CEO of Yahoo (and looks to be turning the company around).

An Extensive look at Flat Design

One of the hottest topics in design is Flat UI. It is clean, crisp, two-dimensional, has open spaces and uses bright colors. Part of the reason that it’s becoming popular is that it gives greater emphasis to function rather than style. This article shows what is added and subtracted to give an older icon a more modern appearance.


There have been a lot of column inches this week dedicated to the Microsoft purchase of the Nokia mobile division (including one wag who summed it up with the phrase “can two wrongs make a right?”). This brief infographic gives some perspective. (from Luke Millar on Twitter).

And Finally…

50 things a Geek should know

Succeeder Dave spotted this fun list from Gizmodo on the 50 things a geek should know. It’s a tough test (the top score in Succeed is 22). Can you get all 50?

What is it like to be a grown adult in 2013 and have no idea what the internet is? Justine Sharrock from BuzzFeed asks some prisoners at California’s San Quentin State Prison how they imagine it to be.



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