PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #55 – 28th August 2013

Issue #55 – 28th August 2013

News and Latest Developments

Announcing the GA of PeopleSoft In-Memory Project Discovery 

Last week’s issue had a video of this new product, but now it’s generally available. This brings the power of Endeca running on Exalytics hardware to bear on unstructured data, and makes it available from within PeopleSoft.

PeopleSoft Interaction Hub Demo Image Available

Matthew Haavisto has announced that the VirtualBox demo instance of the Interaction Hub is now available on Oracle Support.

Fujitsu/SAP hit the rocks in Oz 

Following on from last week’s story of IBM being banned from projects in Queensland, this time it’s Fujitsu’s turn. Any project that burns through $50m (the budget was $14m) and goes through 11 Project Managers in 3 years is going to be in trouble though. Even now it’s (belatedly) live, they still can’t agree whether it delivers 12% or 97% of the requirements.
Oracle ACE Director, Oxfam Head Tech and friend of Succeed, Graham Smith is coming to OpenWorld, and he’ll be cramming all he knows about RESTful web services and PeopleSoft into a mere 50 minutes. Make sure he’s on your agenda. IntraSee’s session will also be worth a look.

The Hexaware blog has an article discussing the merits of PeopleSoft HR Helpdesk. Succeed have noticed an increase in interest in the product recently, so it’s well worth a read.

Over the last couple of weeks Oracle have released a number of patches for the HR suite. These include HR9.1 Bundle 13, some Payroll Tax updates, HR9.1 Maintenance Pack 13 and the 2013-C Global Payroll update (Support Login Required).


It’s a Bug! Recommendations to Solve PeopleSoft Issues

Succeeder Dave spotted this article on the Animato blog. It lists some of the bugs that they’ve encountered (and raised) and how to work around them.

The Big Data Supermarket 

There’s a useful post on the Hexaware blog showing the different flavours of Hadoop and the services that can be placed on top of Hadoop to integrate and enhance it further.


The Billionaires Who Want to Live Forever

According to his biographer, Ellison sees death as “just another kind of corporate opponent he can outfox.” He’s not alone though, as other billionaires are also searching for the same ‘cure’.

Did a Computer Glitch open all the Prison Doors?

Was a computer glitch to blame for opening all of the cell doors at a maximum security prison in Florida, where an inmate had to jump off of a balcony to avoid a stabbing?


Not exactly an infographic this week, more of a mind-map, but it’s still worth sharing. It shows where some of the most successful ex-Oracle executives have ended up. The article also talks about Ellisons ‘Management By Ridicule’ style, and how he helped shape the Iron Man character.

And Finally…

A list of Common Misconceptions 

A fascinating list of fallacies that many of us take for granted. Bulls aren’t enraged by the colour red. Life expectancy in the Middle Ages was a lot longer than most people think. Searing meat does not seal in moisture. The Great Wall of China is not visible from space. And most disappointingly of all, a duck’s quack is not the only sound that does not echo, apparently its echo is just difficult to hear.

A short YouTube video on the brave people who dangle themselves out of windows high above the streets of NYC. It’s not a career choice we’d have made, but you have to respect their work.

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