PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #37 – 17th April 2013

Issue #37 – 17th April 2013

We have a bumper issue this week due to the holidays.

News and Latest Developments 

In-Memory Processing and Faster Performance

At Collaborate, Oracle announced new in-memory processing functionality for all of its applications – including PeopleSoft. SAP has made much of its HANA technology, and now Oracle is applying in-memory technology to its application suites too. Also unveiled were the results of combining certain processing activities with the extra power available with their engineered systems, with impressive time savings. See the official releasehere.

The UKOUG PeopleSoft Roadshow is next week 

The annual UKOUG PeopleSoft EMEA Roadshow is in London on 24th April. As ever, there’s a strong agenda with both Jeff Robbins and Marc Weintraub leading multiple sessions with the focus strongly on the new 9.2 releases and PeopleTools 8.53.

PeopleSoft Interaction Hub 9.1/Revision 2 Available

Matthew Haavisto has posted on the PeopleSoft Technology Blog that the latest release of the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub is available. It looks like many of the improvements are to bring it in line with PeopleTools 8.53, so if you have portal and are current on your Tools versions this is a must-have.

OHUG Early Bird Discount ends on Friday 

The Oracle HCM Users Group conference is running from June 10th-14th in Dallas, Texas. There is still a while to go until the event, but the early-bird discount of $200 runs out on 19th April.

Global Payroll Update 2013-B released

The latest Global Payroll update has been released, and should be at least evaluated by GP customers. The update linked above is for 9.1, for those still on 9.0 use this link (Support login required for both links).


John Webb kicks off the ‘10 Innovations in PeopleSoft 9.2’ series with a post on the Global Search functionality and navigation via Related Actions.
Teo Hernandez has posted the second in the ‘10 Innovations in PeopleSoft 9.2’ series, this time focusing on the analytics. It shows how many of the grids and charts can be drilled into to get to underlying data, and then you can navigate to fix the issue using related actions.

Jiju Vengal has posted a presentation on the benefits of version 9.2 for T&L customers, broken down by role. We’re pleased to see that he’s giving Prezi a try out too. He has also written posts on Timesheet LockdownEnhanced configurability to timesheet layoutNew Value List TypesEnhancement to Monthly Schedule page in ESS and the T&L WorkCenter.


PeopleSoft Timeout Problems in 8.50 – 8.52

Randy from the Remote PSAdmin blog details a few of the bugs/issues he’s found with the Timeout code over the last few releases of PeopleTools, and has a couple of solutions to try if you encounter them.

Notes from Collaborate 13 

Jake (from the Oracle AppsLab) shares his observations from Collaborate. Most interesting to us was the section on the Apps User Experience Usability Lab, and in particular the Eye Tracking software. There’s even a video of it in action. We quite fancy getting our hands on a Tobii too.


Why doesn’t everyone innovate?

An intelligent thought-piece on why innovation as we see it within the IT industry isn’t an option for everyone, and what they can do instead.


PeopleSoft Update Manager Self Study Training Guide

Oracle have released a guide allowing us to upskill on the functionality of PeopleSoft Update Manager before the first update is released – which we suspect isn’t far off (Support login required).

And Finally…

Teacher Knows If You’ve Done Your Reading 

In a trend that is bound to spread into other areas, the NY Times reports that with the advent of E-Readers, teachers are now able to check not only that students have read all of the required homework material, but that they don’t leave it to the night before the test. We’re glad this wasn’t around when we were younger …

A Summary of Pretty Bad Advice 

Not exactly an infographic, but an amusing collection of ‘bad advice’ presented in an infographic style.

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