PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #36 – 27th March 2013

Issue #36 – 27th March 2013

This will be the last issue for three weeks due to the Easter holidays. We wish all our readers a safe and happy break!

News and Latest Developments

PeopleSoft Launches 9.2 to Over 4,000 Attendees at Alliance Conference

Few in the PeopleSoft world will have missed the announcement that the 9.2 applications were released at the end of last week. From the show of hands at the Alliance keynote unveiling the release, it sounds like the appetite to upgrade amongst customers is strong.

Customers and Partners in the PeopleSoft 9.2 Early Success Program

Oracle has released a list of the customers and partners that have been (and still are) involved in the Beta and Early Success program. Succeed are proud to have been invited to play a part in this.

Oracle has agreed to acquire Tekelec

Another ‘lower key’ acquisition by Oracle, but it seems that there is a new company added to the fold every week at the moment. Tekelec is a leading provider of network signaling, policy control, and subscriber data management solutions for communications networks, so it is expected that this functionality will be added to solutions for the Telecoms vertical.

CRM 9.1 Bundle #13 released

The most recent bundle for CRM 9.1 was released last week (Support Login required).


Jiju Vengal has shared some great reviews of the new functionality in HR9.2 on the PeopleSoft HRMS blog. The above link is for HR Announcements, but there are other reviews too, for example Page to update ECD in T&LPrint TimesheetTimesheet page FaceliftTRC display control based on role and Timesheet Sign-off message.
There’s a new type of Court Order that the UK Government is introducing, Payroll guru John Eckersley gives us an introduction.
Jiju has also spotted that the Business Process Maps for 9.2 are now online.


Using file:// Protocol with PeopleCode ViewAttachment

Daniel Kibler shows that although it might not be particularly well documented in PeopleBooks, you can use the file protocol with the Attachment PeopleCode functions with the latest versions of PeopleTools.

PeopleSoft Related Content

Nanda from Kovaion Consulting reminds us of the uses for Related Content and shows that it’s pretty easy to set up.

Excel To CI: Can’t find project or library

Stephen from the PSST0101 blog shares a solution to a problem that he found with Excel to CI.


Evaluating PS Release 9.2: First Adopters or Wait?

Richard George from Cedar Crestone discusses the decision facing all PeopleSoft clients at the moment, do we dive in and upgrade to 9.2 straight away to take advantage of the benefits and cost savings sooner, or hold off due to lack of resources or to let others test the water first?


An Oracle PodCast on the new PeopleSoft 9.2

A 19 minute chat with Paco Aubrejuan who explains the importance of PeopleSoft within the Oracle stable and explains why “there’s a lot of 1+1=3 going on”. The three goals are to make PeopleSoft more intuitive and simpler to use; to expand functionality, reducing the need for customisation; and to reduce the costs for clients to stay current. Every improvement in 9.2 is targeted at one of those goals.

And Finally…

Treat Your Kids Like a Team of Agile Software Developers 

An intriguing TED Talk that suggests treating your children like a team of agile software developers in order to reduce your family stress.  This talk provides some ideas to reduce chaos, for those of us out there with kids of all ages.

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