PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #1 – 27th June 2012

Issue #1 – 27th June 2012

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News and Latest Developments

PeopleTools 8.52.09 is released

Oracle released the latest patch for PeopleTools 8.52 on 16th June. The download files are linked to above.

Larry buys Hawaiian Island

In a move that surprised many (or at least surprised those who

assumed he already owned an island) Larry has purchased the Hawaiian island of Lanai for an estimated $500-600m. Lanai is approx 1000x the size of Richard Branson’s island retreat. It is unclear whether he is going to use it to host the next OpenWorld, or merely going to build a lair from which to plot world domination.

I Owe You Nothing

The court in Oracle’s patent claim against Google has decided that not only did Google not infringe Oracle’s code, but they don’t have to pay Oracle any damages either. To really rub salt into the wounds, it seems that Oracle may have to pay Google’s legal fees too.


Converting the PeopleTools OVM Template to VirtualBox

Jim Marion documents how to convert an Oracle Virtual Machine template into a Virtual Box instance. This will help anyone who is eager to try the templates but doesn’t have some spare hardware to reformat and load OVM host onto. This is the companion post to Jim’s first entry (Converting PeopleSoft OVM Templates to VirtualBox Guests).

First Impressions of Fusion

Jacki – one of Succeed’s payroll consultants – runs the rule over Fusion, from the perspective of a PeopleSoft expert.


Larry Ellison Unplugged

A video interview with Larry Ellison at the 10th D: All Things Digital conference, which sees him in very relaxed, but also forthcoming mood. One of the best soundbites was on his perceived resistence to the cloud: “I started NetSuite, NetSuite was my idea … 6 months later Marc Benioff copied it”. It’s a little long (39mins until the questions, but there’s some great anti-Workday points after that point) but it’s an entertaining insight into the man himself.

Tools and Code

A Custom Sign-On Page

The delivered PeopleSoft sign-on screen is perfectly functional, however as it’s the first screen your users see when they log on it’s worth putting in a little effort to make the right impression. We’ve found that adding a page that’s branded – so it’s both attractive to look at and recognisable as ‘one of our systems’ – creates far more positive feelings than one that’s left as vanilla. Here’s how you can get one the easy way.


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