PeopleSoft Weekly Issue #61 – 6th November 2013

Issue #61 – 6th November 2013

News and Latest Developments

Secure Enterprise Search Now Available for PeopleTools 8.53

The latest version of Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES) – release – is now available to PeopleSoft customers on PeopleTools 8.53.  The minimum PeopleTools Patch Version Required to adopt SES is PeopleTools 8.53.06.

Shareholders Vote against Ellison’s Compensation Package 

A majority of Oracle shareholders have once again voted against the company’s executive pay practices, including for CEO Larry Ellison. The article also includes quotes from Larry – who didn’t seem too upset – on why Oracle has two Presidents, and which of their competitors cause them most concern.

Derek Tomei has a post on the IT Toolbox blog on how to ensure that the right support and measures of success are in place for your PeopleSoft project.

Jiju Vengal posts on his HRoi Consulting blog about the concept of Enterprise App Stores. There’s nothing listed on there yet for PeopleSoft, but it’s a great opportunity for customers to benefit from pre-built and supported bolt-ons.


PeopleSoft in the Cloud at UKOUG Apps 2013 

Two Succeeders presented at the recent UKOUG Apps 2013 conference. The technical presentation “PeopleSoft in the Cloud” is available from here.


OpenWorld 2013 – Key Announcements

Animato’s Ramesh Kothuri attended OpenWorld this year, and has written up the biggest announcements.

Adobe users’ Passwords were Pathetic

Succeeder Dave spotted this article on The Register, where some curious soul has analysed the passwords of Adobe users stolen in the latest security snafu. Considering we expected most Adobe subscribers to be fairly IT literate, it is a shock that nearly 2m had a password of ‘123456’. It’d be interesting to compare the results against aPeopleSoft database …

Amazon attempts to disrupt the Tech Support Industry 

Amazon have introduced a new service for their Kindle tablets called MayDay, which is a remote tech-support assistant that is available 24/7 and will connect within 15 seconds. Kind of like an online ‘Genius Bar’.


Neil Yetman has an update on his GetLevel(0) blog of his usage of the PS Utilities tool, and how to best apply it.


Oracle has produced a new video on some of the 35 Pivot Grids that have been added in Financials 9.2 which can be used to improve the efficiency of your system.

And Finally…

The End of the Police Chase? 

This week we were impressed by this particularly cunning invention. Every year lives are lost during Police chases, be it the pursuer, the criminal themselves, or sometimes an innocent 3rd party. This invention could remove that risk, with the police simply using a GPS cannon to fire a tracking device at the fleeing vehicle. The police can then track the vehicle at a safer speed and apprehend them at their leisure.

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